5 reasons why Italians love Riga!


Everybody knows that the Northern countries in Europe are very different from southern ones not just for the colder weather or for the different type of food, but also for their traditions, history and their way of thinking.


1. It is for this reason that Italian people really like Riga and Latvia. Here you have the opportunity to get to know a completely different culture in a different city. Indeed, Italians will be amused by the peculiarities of this small but beautiful city surrounded by Art Nouveau architecture. Moreover, Riga is special because it is still a capital with the size of a town, something not common for us, Italians, used to big and crowded capitals: the advantage is that you can have everything near you, just a few minutes walking. I am living in the Old Town and for this reason, I can say it is the best place to live, because it offers several pubs to have fun with friends; every month Riga is colored by different festivals with food, beer and music to enjoy every single moment!


2. Italians love Riga because it is an international and friendly city, a place to meet people from all over the world, the average of Russian speakers is very high so it gives people the opportunity to improve Russian, but also French, Spanish, Turkish and lots of others languages.


3. It is true that Riga can be very cold in winter, but at the same time it is something amazing for an Italian who has never seen snow or proper winter weather. In winter it is also possible to spend time in bars, drinking hot tea or playing snowballs with friends at the park. The landscape in winter is something magical and silent and Riga does not even seem to be a capital city.


4. Jurmala is the most famous resort location in Latvia, indeed a lot of Russians use to spend the entire summer in Jurmala, they travel to Latvia in order to enjoy a beautiful and fascinating location. It is just 20 minutes by train from Riga and during all year long offers long sandy beaches where to take a rest or walk in peace; in summer it is a great place where to meet local people, to play volleyball with them or to bath in the sea for the most courageous people. In winter this small town is still something amazing where you can have the chance to see snow and sand together in front of the sea: it is a natural event not common at all in Italy.


5. Last but not least, this is a country well connected to other countries, as well as Russia: Italians love to travel and discover new countries and Riga can be considered a strategic point, from here it is possible to discover Vilnius, Tallin, Stockholm, Helsinki and of course Rundale, Sigulda and other cities and small towns in Latvia. This can be done at a very affordable price thanks to cheap trains or bus services.

I've just mentioned five reasons why Italians love Riga, but there could be a lot more! So, why don’t you come to Latvia to see with your own eyes what this country can give you? You will be surprised!


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