Teaching methods

The goal of learning the Russian language is to make students be able to use the new language both fluently and accurately. Therefore the communicative approach is the basic method used during the lessons when the teacher just takes the role of coordinator in interaction and meaningful communication such as role-plays, information sharing and problem-solving. Besides it, the direct, interactive method centered on the student is used.  That means all teaching is done only in the target language, the teachers don’t use any translation and everything is explained in Russian. It is important that a lot of visual material is used to help students understand better the meaning.

At the first stage of learning the new language students take part in short dialogues, pair and small group work.  Later the teachers create classroom activities in which students can negotiate meaning, use communication strategies, correct misunderstandings and learn how to avoid communication breakdowns. During the learning process, the emphasis is on the development of independent learning across all levels including the extensive work on study skills, good study habits, and self-assessment. There is a good balance between fluency and accuracy activities when teachers pay attention to grammar and pronunciation.


Oliver Binks, UK: "The main thing I enjoyed is that I was taught in Russian. By doing this it has helped me to remember key phrases and words better and it has made me feel more confident when communicating in Russian".


What is the benefit of the communicative approach?

The greatest benefit is that it works effectively with both types of students  - those who are shy and quiet and those who are always very active and talkative during the study process.  If you are a shy student you will receive a positive support from the teacher who will encourage you and involve in different classroom activities. Step by step your self-confidence will grow, you will become more active in the study process to use the language. If you are a very active person and fluent in language this is a great possibility to be a positive partner for your groupmates in situation dialogues, pair and group activities, discussions, presentations.  At the same time, the attentive teacher will follow if you use the appropriate vocabulary and will correct grammar mistakes if you have any.

Our teachers
All our teachers - native language speakers are qualified, specialized and experienced in teaching Russian as a foreign language. The teachers are really interested in your progress and you will get an individual feedback from them on your weekly tests. Teachers will encourage and help you to chose any additional home reading book from our library, give advice on some useful self-learning websites and give you the most necessary home tasks to master your Russian language. At the end of your studies, your will receive a Certificate where all 4 language skills – reading, listening, writing and speaking will be evaluated indicating the achieved level.


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