Why Latvia?

Giulia Luoni, ITALY: "Latvia has been a surprise! I am really happy about my decision to study here because I had the chance to discover this beautiful and colorful country! Moreover, the city center is outstanding, the local people are so nice and I feel to like home!".

• Learn Russian- one of the six official languages of the United Nations.
• Read literature masterpieces created by Russian writers and poets in their original form: Pushkin, Lermontov, Dostoyevsky, Turgenev, Tolstoy, Chekhov etc.
• Approach the mysterious Russian soul by mastering the language.


NO VISA for citizens of the EU, USA, Mexico, Japan, Korea, Brazil and many other countries. Escape the bureaucratic procedure and travel free!

Architecture – a unique mix of romantic streets of Old Riga, standard Soviet-style block, the elegant and world-famous architecture of Art Nouveau houses, modern shopping centers and stylish New Age architecture.

Culinary Delights – come and be spoiled with all the great and fantastically delicious food Latvia can offer with a great mixture of Russian and Latvian eating traditions.

Seaside Jurmala – this place in Latvia has been famous for centuries. With its lovely seaside resort, Jurmala with 33 km of white sandy beaches and green piney forests was the No.1 place to spend a holiday before, during and after Soviet Union times!

Country of Castles -  you cannot even imagine the number of castles in Latvia.Try to explore at least some of them and you will never forget them!

Nature – hundreds of blue lakes and rivers for fishing, green forests for hunting and picking mushrooms, seaside locations for relaxing, parks with wild horses, flowers, healing plants – enjoy them all in the fresh Latvian air!


Latvia is situated in the North of Europe with easy access to Scandinavia, the UK, other places in Europe and the rest of the world. Moreover, since 2004 Latvia has been a member of the EU, so here you can feel safe and at home. Citizens of more than 60 countries (including all EU citizens) do not need a visa to come to the course and, while staying here, they can visit St. Petersburg or Moscow during weekend trips, as these cities are just across the border. 

Almost half of Latvia's population is native Russian speakers and most of the population speak Russian fluently. The history of Russians in Latvia is quite long - about a thousand years. It started when Russian merchants came here for an access point to the Baltic sea and afterward gained control over Latvia. In the year 1941 Latvia became a part of the Soviet Union where the only official language was Russian. In spite of the fact that Latvia gained its independence in 1991 and the Latvian language became the official language of the country, the Russian language has not lost its importance in everyday communication, thus ensuring a good place for language practice for foreign students. 

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