Britta, Germany, May 2017

I really love the school - it’s personal and very individual. I am a beginner and the only thing that I had to do before coming here was to learn the Cyrillic alphabet, which we repeated the first day of lessons. Of course, I need to be focused on Russian and I have to study words everyday but it’s great, because it is the only way to study a new language. My teacher explains to me everything and helps me a lot, and if I don’t understand something she shows me pictures or tries to explain it in other words. I really appreciate the opportunity to create dialogs with other students. In the morning, my teacher asks us to repeat the previous lessons and I really like it because, thanks to it, I am able to figure out what I have to learn again or revise in order to remember. Of course, writing, speaking are as important as reading and oral comprehension. The course is focused on every language skill so it is really helpful.

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