Academic Year program
If you are 15 – 18 years young, full of energy and motivation, you want to get acquainted with new culture, strengthen your character and get new friends,the Education centre Durbe (Accredited by the Ministry of Education and Science of Latvia) offers you to become the Exchange programme student. 
What is the benefit of studies in Latvia? First of all new cultural experience and languages.Living in Latvia and getting to know its culture, you will get to know its people, understand their way of life and learn Latvian and Russian. If you want to become a diplomat or study public affairs it is a good chance to study one of the EU minority languages – Latvian. If you are more interested in economics – after your studies in any University the Russian language will  help to find business partners in Eastern Europe. Both languages are taught at school. Secondly, either you will choose a public or private school you will receive good, academic education. Public schools are free of charge and they will be offered in different towns but if you prefer a private school then your place of residence will be in Riga – the capital of Latvia or Jurmala – a  town on the coast of the Baltic sea.
After the school year spent in Latvia you will receive a certificate of attendance and the achievement sheet, the program doesn’t guarantee the high school diploma even if you are in form 12. Exchange students are expected to have at least Grade D in main subjects before entering the Exchange program.

Host family
Your host parents will treat you as they do their own children therefore show your host parents how much you appreciate all they are doing for you! You will be wellcomed into your host family’s home and as a member of the family you will have to respect their rules as would respect those of your natural parents. Host families take their responsibilities seriously and know that natural parents and the coordinator rely on them as the protector of the Exchange student. Therefore communication and cooperation are specially important for successful integration into family life.Every family has its own  expectations about the responsibilities and behavior of each family member, so you will have to share the chores and duties and inform the host parents about upcoming plans and activities. A family in Latvia consists mainly of 4 members – parents and 2 children and they live in a flat or a private house. Sometimes there are mixed families where one of the parents is Russian, the other Latvian. This is a good possibility to get acquainted with Russian and Latvian culture, way of life, traditions and, of course, practise both languages in everyday situations.  If there are schoolchildren in the family, you will be advised to attend the same school and get to school together.

Local coordinator
This is the person who will receive your application form and get to know you, find out your interests,intentions, desires, characteristic features. He will try to find the most appropriate school and host family for you and will help with advice. The coordinator will be aware of your success at school and be in contact with your permanent host family. Sometimes you will need help – the only thing you have to do – ask!  The coordinator will be available to you any time.

Orientation program
Your academic year in Latvia will start with orientation program. These will be 2 weeks in August before the school year starts on 1st September: from 16th of August to 29th of August. During this period you will be helped to integrate into the new environment, will get the first view about Latvia, people, life style, traditions, language. You will get introduced to the coordinator and the host family, will attend Latvian or  Russian classes  (20 lessons per week ) and get ready for the most exciting school year in your life! If you choose a school which is not in Riga you will be offered an accomodation during the orientation week and the permanent host family you will meet later.
Requirements for participants:
Age: 14.5 years to 18.5 years
• Grade level at school: Grade E+
• Pocket money advisable per month: 100 LVL (approximately 140 EUR or 200 USD)


Price per Academic Year:  please contact the school on or your local agent for more information.

Academic year dates: 1st September till the end of May or beginning of June (depends on the grade student is)
Winter semester dates:1st September till approximately 20th of December
Spring semester: 2nd week of January till the end of May or beginning of June
Application deadline:
Academic Year: May 15th
Winter semester: June 1st; Spring semester: October 15th;

Price includes:
• Program administration
• Placement in local public or private school (according to application form)
• Host family placement on a full board basis
• 40 lessons Russian or Latvian language tuition during orientation
• 2 week orientation programme including Riga sightseeing (excluding Spring semester)
• Airport meeting service
• Support, assistance and 24 hours emergency phone number during whole program
• Medical and Emergency Repatriation Insurance (for holders of non EU nations passports there is extra payment of 320 EUR)

Not included in the price:
• Personal expenses and pocket money
• International return airfare to Riga Internation Airport (RIX)
• International Travel insurance
• Private school tuition fees 
• Extra language courses if needed
• Books, teaching materials, student activities etc.
• Extra activities such as sports, excursions etc., organized by school, family or EC Durbe

• Deposit per student is due with application form
• The final payment is due 15th June
Cancellation fees
• till 1st June all payments are refunded except the deposit
• 15th June to 5th of August 50 % of the price of the stay is requested
• After 6th of August 100 % or the price of the stay is requested
• If for any reason a student cannot complete the program, no reimbursement will be made

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