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Durbe Russian Language Academy Teacher Training courses

Clarisse, FRANCE: "Teacher development course totally met my expectations because I learned a lot of new and interesting facts about the methods of teaching Russian as a foreign language. I am confident that in the coming year I will be able to put into practise the most of the provided material".


The course is for non-native and native speakers of Russian teaching at primary, secondary, vocational schools, colleges and universities or language centres for adults at Beginners to Intermediate level. It is recommended that participants have a level of Russian at CEF level B2+, B2 or B1+ (minimum B1).

The participants can choose to study 1 or 2 weeks, with the following methodology topics to be covered:


Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
Specifics of Russian as a foreign language teaching to beginners Classroom management, types of motivation Formation of correct pronunciation studying Russian as a foreign language How to develop listening skills by the help of phonetic exercises Methods and techniques of developing reading skills and comprehension


Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
The development of lexis in the Russian as a foreign language classroom Songs as a method for improving and mastering pronunciation The development of writing skills, the variety of styles The use of interactive methods and internet resources in learning Russian as a foreign language The ways of testing knowledge, different tests and exams




Dates and costs for 2018

Total Number of lessons: 15 lessons per week
The course takes place in the afternoons from 13.30 to 16.10.
Maximum class size: 12 participants

Lenght / Lessons number Price in
March / June, August
Dates in:
 March June / July August

1 week /
Total 15 lessons

250 EUR / 310 EUR

 12.03 - 16.03

 25.06 – 29.07 or 02.07 - 06.07

30.07 - 03.08 or  06.08 - 10.08

2 weeks /
Total 30 lessons
500 EUR / 620 EUR  : n/a

  : 25.06 - 06.07

  30.07 - 10.08


It is possible to combine Russian Teachers Development course with Standard Russian courses (overall - 35 lessons per week).
Total Number of Course Contact Hours: 15 lessons per week
The course takes place in the afternoons from 13.30 to 16.10.
Maximum class size: 12 participants


Lenght / Lesson number Price in 
March / June, August
Dates in
March June / July August
Standard Russian + Teachers Course /
Total 35 lessons
450 EUR / 510 EUR

12.03 - 16.03

 25.06 – 29.07 or 02.07 - 06.07

 30.07 - 03.08 or  06.08 - 10.08

Standard Russian + Teachers course /
Total 70 lessons
900 EUR / 1020 EUR  n/a

: 05.06 - 06.07

 30.07 - 10.08


Additional optional services: accommodation (host families, residence or 3* hotel) and airport transfers at official prices available on price list.

Objectives of the course: To master language training, learning and teaching methodologies. The focus will be on teaching techniques of a foreign language without translation but by the help of the explanation.
The bonus of the course: The course provides participants with a wonderful opportunity to establish links with teachers from different countries!

Outcomes: The course will improve confidence in lesson delivery and expand the participants’ range of methodological approaches to enhance classroom practice.

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