Katerina, Czech Republic, July 2017

"I really liked the course, in particular because of our teacher Michail. I can say he is one of the best teachers. I can tell that because I have already attended courses similar to this one (in London, in Dublin…). Here, we covered a lot of useful material that I will put into practice immediately in September. Every kind of material and source was excellent! Thank you to everyone who works in Durbe RLA. And thank to my host Ljudmila, who hosted me for these weeks; we talked a lot; she is a host per excellence."

Lubov Nemsova, Czech Republic, July 2017

"My impression about the course is very positive. The teacher, with whom we worked, was always in a good mood and always prepared for the lesson. He is very careful and he answered to all questions we had; increasing our interest through the material provided and the exercises according to the teaching method. Michail included us actively in plays and games of different type, which can be used during the process of learning. We could exchange our own experiences.

Britta, Germany, May 2017

I really love the school - it’s personal and very individual. I am a beginner and the only thing that I had to do before coming here was to learn the Cyrillic alphabet, which we repeated the first day of lessons. Of course, I need to be focused on Russian and I have to study words everyday but it’s great, because it is the only way to study a new language.

Simon, UK, May 2017

I believe that during my week I improved, especially the listening skill. In class we do a lot of exercises and now I am much more confident in my listening. Riga is a beautiful city and I didn’t expect it to be like that, in some ways it reminds me of Berlin and I was very surprised because it’s similar to other European cities but, at the same time, it has beautiful differences. I do like the parks! In Riga, there are many parks and my favorite one is located just in front of the school, where you can enjoy a nice walk.

Giulia, Italia, Aprile 2017

Giulia: "Credo che il mio periodo di studio presso Durbe sia stato assai utile. Grazie al basso numero di studenti per classe sei subito coinvolto nello spirito della scuola con gli altri studenti, con cui in poco tempo formi una piccola ma grande famiglia.

La scuola ha un ottimo programma di insegnamento che aiuta a sviluppare tutti gli aspetti della lingua e per studenti italiani, che di solito hanno poche possibilita’ di parlare russo anche nei centri accademici, risulta definitivamente d’aiuto."

Giulia, Italy, April 2017

Giulia: "What I liked the most of studying at Durbe was the welcoming and comfortable environment of this school. Our teacher was very friendly, comprehensive, helpful and motivating. Moreover the Russian course in a group of just 4 people gave me the opportunity to improve a lot my language skills, above all the speaking part. Riga turned out to be the perfect place to study Russian not far from home!"

Dana & Lenka, Czech Republic, March 2017

Lenka: "I’m happy that I could study at Durbe RLA. I think the lessons were all very well-structured, I’ve learned a lot of new grammar and improved my vocabulary. My teachers were very good: I enjoyed singing with Olga and playing games with Vita very much!"

Dana: "Thank you, Durbe RLA! All the teachers have done a great job!"


Paulina & Alexa, Germany, March 2017

Paulina: „Riga is a very beautiful city and it was a good choice to fly here for Russian Language studies.”

Alexa: „Durbe Russian Language Academy is good to improve your Russian Language and is pretty well organized. Thank you especially to the great teachers!”

Charles, USA, March 2017

I thought the course was extremely helpful in furthering my studies. I came to the course having already studied in other courses, however, the experience offered by Durbe RLA I consider to be the most complete. I have recommended it to others and highly encourage those wanting to be proficient in Russian to consider Durbe RLA.

Katherine Peterson, USA, November 2016

I have been studying Russian language on and off for several years. I chose Durbe RLA because I’ve already been to Russia and Ukraine several times, and wanted to try something new. Plus I didn’t need a visa for Latvia and I liked the description of Vacation Club 50+ program on Durbe RLA’s homepage. I thought it would be interesting to meet new people in my age group with similar interests and goals.


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