Oula Kahkonen, Finland, März 2016

Ich bin sehr zufrieden mit der Intensität des Kurses und ebenfalls mit meinen Lehrern, welche eine ausgezeichnete Arbeit leisteten. Die Nachmittagsstunden waren sehr nützlich und gab mir die Möglichkeit den ganzen Tag Russisch zu sprechen.

Es war sehr gut, dass ich mich entschied, bei der Familie zu wohnen, anstatt im Hotel, denn die Gespräche mit der Familie waren sehr interessant.

Konstantin Weil, Deutschland, Februar 2016

Ich habe drei Wochen lang bei Durbe in Riga Russisch gelernt. Meine Sprachkompetenz hat sich merklich verbessert. Die Lehrer waren sehr hilfsbereit und konnten neue Grammatikkonzepte sehr gut erklären. Ich kann Ihnen wärmstens empfehlen, bei Durbe Russisch zu lernen. Für mich war dies die beste Entscheidung.

Franco Scapolan, Latvia, January 2016

I am satisfied with the way the course was planned and managed. Our teacher was competent and helpful. The course method was appropriate to allow me to study and work in the meantime.

 [Franco studied at the Evening Russian course for 3 months]. 

Paul Fischer, Germany, December 2015

Durbe has absolutely convinced my expectations and helped me to build up confidence with the difficult Russian language! I would definitely recommend it to everybody interested in investigating languages in an authentical environment, and I will always return when I have time!

Morgan Andersson, USA, November 2015

I really enjoyed my time in Riga! I met some great people, improved my Russian vocabulary and got to experience Latvia during a wonderful month. The sited in town and the countryside were phenomenal. I loved Rundale Palace. All in all, I really enjoyed my experience and hope to come back.

Bartolomiej Lipinski, Poland, October 2015

All things at the school were very good. One-to-one option was very effective and suitable for me. Teachers and lessons too were effective and perfectly prepared. Thank you for the course!

Santa Gaile, Latvia, October 2015

I liked everything because I learned how to speak! The teacher was very responsive and always ready to explain the unknown. The choice of study material was really interesting. Thank you!

Rettaliata Rachel, USA, October 2015

The Russian language courses exceeded my expectations at the Durbe Education centre. I immediately was made to feel comfortable in the classroom and all the students and instructors were incredibly kind and helpful. After the first day I already felt more confident in speaking Russian, which was my main goal when I enrolled in this program. I would like to return to this program next year and I would happily recommend this program to others. Thank you!

Julia Dale, UK, September 2015

I have been at various language courses over the years. I think this school is excellent. The course is very well structured and the books used in the lessons enhance the experience. The teachers are very professional and helpful. Progress is made possible in this excellent environment.  The facilities are modern and comfortable. Riga is a beautiful city.

I would definitely recommend this school as a place to learn Russian.

Laura Gruss, Germany, September 2015

Thirteen years ago I learned Russian for one year. Since then I have forgotten a lot. The course helped me to remember what I knew and I learned a lot of new words.

The school is located in the centre of Riga, and the teaching material was very good.


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