Alessandro Pappalardo, Italy, August 2015

My first impression was good, I didn't know anything about Riga and Latvia, but I discovered a very good place to improve your Russian language knowledge. Riga offers good places and services and I think I will return here to continue my experience in this school because one week was to short and I would lke to see something more and learn more Russian.

Thank you all for this experience!

See you soon for sure...

Ronan Mac Aongusa, Belgium, August 2015

The school is small and well-organized with an informal, welcoming atmosphere. The availability of water and coffee in a lounge area is a real plus at break times. Teachers are highly professional and attentive to each learners' needs and always willing to explain, contextualize and represent information until a good level of understanding is achieved. Social activities at the beginning of the week - excursion to Riga Old Town - was very helpful in introducing me to the general environment and to the local history and cultures.

Robert Jan Uhl, The Netherlands, July 2015

It was a terrific course. I learned a lot. Everything was explained carefully, and I could follow everything very well. Zhanna was a great teacher!

Manki Einar, USA, July 2015

What I liked about the course:

  • The high level of instruction.
  • Attentive care of the teachers and intensive personalization of course materials.

Dennis Kaskovich, USA, June 2015

I have studied Russian at the University and also worked and studied in Kyrgyzstan, Georgia, Mongolia, and throughout Russia and I can say with confidence this has been my most positive experience in both language trainings and travel. Riga and the people of Latvia have been great, and I would definitely desire to return for mine studies and perhaps to work one day. Thank you and "paldies" and "большое спасибо"!

Edison Dohms, USA, June 2015

I can say that learning at Durbe has been the best language experience I've ever heard in my life. This is sincere. The teachers are very charismatic and instruit in such a manner that takes us from our current level and lifts us to a greater performance level.

The atmosphere at the school is accommodating and very accepting.

I hope to come back as soon as possible!

Magdalena Kerer, Italy, May 2015

I really liked studying in Riga. It's a very beautiful and exciting city. It was the first time I practiced Russian without teachers of mine and I liked it. The trips were very exciting.

Ulrike Pester, Germany, May 2015

It was a very good course and I'd like to thank the whole team of the school. Especially both teachers - they were excellent!

Artemisa Fusha, Italy, May 2015

The school was really nice. Although we stayed just for a week, we had the possibility to learn many things about the city and culture. Our Russian skills were practiced the whole time. I found the stay in Riga very good and useful. 

Muller Dietmar,Deutschland, April 2015

'Vor dem Sprachkurs bei Durbe hatte ich keine Russischkenntnisse. Zhanna, meine Lehrerin, war sehr geduldig und hilfsbereit. Jetzt kann ich viele Wörter lesen (langsam) und verstehen. Russisch ist eine Herausforderung, aber danke der Lektionen bei Durbe bin ich motiviert weiterzumachen. Ich empfehle diesen Kurs auch an Personen ohne Vorwissen!! Danke an Zhanna!'


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