The Five Bests of Durbe RLA’s Classes!

Let us share with you Top 5 greatest things about studying at Durbe RLA according to our intern Adam, who shares his opinion after his studies with us.


"Looking back on my 7 weeks of study, I honestly believe I could not have gotten to the point I am at in Russian by learning it back at home in the USA and not applying for the course with Durbe RLA.

The teaching style here is unique, the teachers using various methods that have greatly improved my conversation abilities. But what exactly are these methods? Here are a few of my favorites:


Now, some language teachers may prefer to work according to a textbook, regardless as to whether the work inside contains realistic scenarios of the language in everyday speech. In our classes, however, the teachers always used videos from film, the news, or real conversations, so that we, as students, had many options to hear the language as it really is used.


Of course, there are great language teachers who learned the target language themselves and are not native speakers. However, many of these teachers have strong accents and there may be the risk that they simply do not know the answer to a question. Durbe RLA avoids this, as all of the teachers are Russian native speakers.


Now, in the traditional secondary school education, where students need to study several different subjects on top of a language, there is only really time for 45 minute or 1 hour lessons, resulting in less than 5 hours per week of study. At Durbe RLA, I spent several hours each day with an effective study, leading to 20-25 hours a week, much more than I would have otherwise. More study hours = less days you need overall to learn a new language.


In my opinion, you need to speak the target language from the very beginning, pronouncing each word to learn how to actually use them, by practice, not by theory. I had no problem looking up a single word in a dictionary, but when I struggled to say something, our teachers never took the easy way out by saying "Just say it in English”. Instead, they always encouraged us to take our time and learn how to express ourselves from experience. Beginners shouldn’t worry about this, as our teachers guided us step-by-step so that we were always certain about what we say.


If you practice reading texts in Russian, you will learn how to read. If you practice conjugating verbs, you will learn how to conjugate verbs (on paper). So, if you do not practice speaking, you will not learn how to speak. Teachers I had the privilege to study with understand this, and thus, our lessons were very hands-on and interactive, with a focus on having conversations with our teachers and our class, attentively listening to their answers as well as to recorded conversations, and only when the time was right did we turn our attention to the books. As a result, our lessons did not feel like work, but were always enjoyable and fun.

From my personal experience, the methods the teachers use at Durbe RLA have helped me to learn Russian in the most effective way possible."


Come and see for yourself how the classes work here!

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