Cours individuels en letton

The course is designed for those students who need to make rapid progress or who wish to concentrate on particular areas of language. Students will have an individual course program designed according to their Latvian language level and knowledge, their preferences, their professional interests and needs, and the number of classes desired. All individual courses include needs analysis.

As a part of the Durbe Russian Language Academy's teaching system teachers use the communicative approach, providing the most effective language training, especially in terms of the development of communication skills. You will be able to communicate in the target language from the very first lesson and will significantly enrich your vocabulary.


Individual courses offered in year 2017:

  • One on one Leisure Course with 15 lessons per week
  • One on one Standard Course with 20 lessons per week
  • One on one Intensive Course with 30 lessons per week
  • One on one Crash Course with 40 lessons per week

Levels: Beginners to Advanced;
Minimum enrollment: 15 lessons per week;
Starting dates: upon request 


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Read the interview with our talented student from the Netherlands - Ande Oey and find out why he decided to learn Latvian at Durbe RLA in Riga!

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