Riga – the best place to study Russian in the EU!

Russian language courses, Russian language School Durbe, Riga, Latvia

Capital of the Baltics

With a population of nearly 800,000, Riga is one of the largest cities in the northern Europe, although few would ever guess by looking at a map. The quaint beauty of the Old Town, the splendor of the City Centre architecture, the winding stretches of parkland and the nearby beach resort Jurmala are sure to charm everyone. 

The Perfect Environment

Undoubtedly, many people go to learn English in Malta, where it is heard and spoken no more than Russian in Riga. Here in Riga, you can enjoy Russian culture, Russian Theatre, experience Russian cuisine, see Orthodox Churches and, if you come in the summer, enjoy sunny days in the world renowned Jurmala.  

Something for everyone

Visitors are welcomed by an intimate and relaxing atmosphere. Enjoy evenings in the Old Town pubs with friendly people, or engage in conversation with beautiful women who stroll around the city. All Latvians are open-minded and will be more than willing to help you improve your Russian skills. Whether for business or pleasure, Riga has something for everyone. 

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