Join all of Latvia in 'Līgo' celebration!


Dear Friends! From today on we are celebrating „Līgo” (Summer solstice) - the most important summer holiday in Latvia!

Bonfires, beer, caraway cheese, flower crowns, and „Līgo” songs are the key features of the festival!


 A large-scale celebrations will take place in the Old Riga and all over the city:

June 22

9:00 – 19:00 – Traditional market at the Dome square.

16:00 – 23:00 – The night market at the Kalnciema quarter.

June 23

June 23 from 20:00 – June 24 till 04:30 – Huge Ligo celebration on the 11th November Embankement.


Celebration of the traditional Latvian „Līgo” festivity at the shortest night of the year June 23, dates back centuries, and its main idea is to praise the nature and fertility. Nowadays, you do not have to go to the countryside to greet the sunrise the following day — Jāņi Day. A large-scale celebration will take place in the Old Riga and all over the city! You will see the very best of the „Līgo” traditions — tasty food – special Ligo cheese, beer, shashliki; masters of Latvian traditional folk song, famous artists, and just the nice crowd, who want to enjoy at full the magic of this special night.

 Enjoy the spirit of this celebration and have a unique and amazing experience here in Riga!


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