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Got a gap? Those students who come to Riga for 1 or 2 weeks and want to get the most from their studies we would definitely advise to take a program with at least 25, but preferably with 30 lessons per week (Mini Group program will be a great option). If you feel that you need to concentrate on some particular language skills (grammar, vocabulary, specialized terminology etc) individual lessons in addition to a group course are highly recommended. 
Combine studies with vacation? Those who come for a longer period and would like to enjoy both Russian language studies and exploring Riga and Latvia a program with 20 or 25 lessons per week would be sufficient. This course will help to refresh or gain new Russian language knowledge in a more relaxed pace leaving enough time to enjoy Latvia.
Need maximum progress in the shortest time? Individual lessons are very popular within our students as this is the most intensive and effective form of language learning what will allow you to concentrate on your linguistic needs. According to your needs analysis an individual study plan will be developed for you.  The course can cover general,  academic, business Russian, exam preparation, specialized areas of vocabulary etc.
How long to study? If you want to find out how long you need to study in order to reach the desired level, take a look into the Length of Studies page. There you will find all CEFR levels deciphered for you, as well as the number of hours for each level.

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