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Dlaczego Durbe?


Farida, UK: "The school is well organised and courses structure is well designed. I particularly enjoyed the variety of teaching techniques and materials used to promote our progress in learning the Russian language during lesson".

Nasza filozofia

Education centre Durbe is a learner-focused and action-oriented teaching institution with effective use of the „can do” statements as learning objectives. We believe that effective collaboration and interaction between the teacher and students is based on the teachers monitoring the teaching process and adjusting teaching strategies in response to the pace and depth of students understanding. The study process lead by the teacher takes into account individual needs and at the same time is motivating the students.

Akredytacja i jakość

George Leech, UK: "The school is excellent in every way. It is a very professional set up and, most importantly, the teachers are dedicated to your progress, explain difficult aspects of the language clearly and care about your progress".

Rozrywka w Rydze

Katherin Paterson, USA: "Riga is a beautiful and interesting city with many possibilities for entertainment. I enjoyed Ballet and museums. Durbe is an excellent academy providing an intense learning experience".


Okres trwania nauki

Evaluation and assessment:

Metody nauczania

Oliver Binks, UK: "The main thins that I enjoyed is that I was taught in Russian. By doing this it has helped me to remember key phrases and words better and it has made me feel more confident when communicating in Russian".


Czas wolny

Durbe Russian language academy takes care of students' free time after the lessons. Students will have a chance not only to study Russian, but also to practice their Russian in everyday life, to go sightseeing around Riga, and to see the most popular and beautiful places in Latvia. Although Latvia is a small country, you will be surprised at how much it can offer! 

Rozrywka na Łotwie

Mateuzs Zaronskij, POLAND: "I had a great stay in Riga and met some really interesting people. Thanks to the school I have improved my Russian a lot in a very short period. Missing Riga! I definitely hope to be able visit Latvia and Riga again!".


The must-see travel destinations of Latvia are:

Dlaczego Łotwa?

Giulia Luoni, ITALY: "Riga has been a very nice and ideal destination to improve my Russian! Moreover, the city centre is outstanding, the local people are so funny and I feel to be like home!".


• Learn Russian- one of the six official languages of the United Nations.
• Read literature masterpieces created by Russian writers and poets in the original: Pushkin, Lermontov, Dostoyevsky, Turgenev, Tolstoy, Chekhov etc.
• Approach the mysterious Russian soul by mastering the language.

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