Rosyjski kursy główne

Wybierz odpowiedni kurs

Got a gap? Those students who come to Riga for 1 or 2 weeks and want to get the most from their studies we would definitely advise to take a program with at least 25, but preferably with 30 lessons per week (Mini Group program will be a great option). If you feel that you need to concentrate on some particular language skills (grammar, vocabulary, specialized terminology etc) individual lessons in addition to a group course are highly recommended. 

Kursy standardowe 20

Kurtis, USA: "I really liked time spent here in Riga. I loved my teacher because she corrected my mistakes with attention and she taught patiently. I saw a great progress in speaking and reading Russian level. Without the helpful staff, my experience in Riga wouldn`t have been so funny and nice".


Kusy intensywne 25

Daniele, CANADA: "I was really satisfied with the pace of lessons. It was intensive enough to allow myself to progress in one week. I really like the fact that only Russian was spoken during classes, making the intensive experience even more interesting and useful".


Zajęcia indywidualne 15-40

Emer, IRELAND: "I found the standard of teaching very good. I have had one-on-one classes, which was very helpful for me as a beginner".


Skype lekcje online

Ludwig, GERMANY: "The school left a very good impression, teachers always motivate you to learn the language. I continued my studies via skype lessons with my teacher from Riga. It works better than expected and it gives me a lot of flexibility!".


Learn Russian online wherever you want!

Standardowy rosyjski 20 + mini grupy od 5 - 10

Mini Group course is an excellent combination of our Standard course with 5 to 10 extra lessons per week in a Mini Group class. The Mini Group class is a class of (at maximum) 5 students, where you will benefit from more individual attention from your teacher.

Intensywne rosyjski 25 + Mini grupy 5

This course is an excellent combination of Intensive course with 5 extra lessons per week in a Mini Group class.

Wakacje klub 50+

Ursula, GERMANY: "At the age of 75 it was a great challenge to take part in a Russian language course in Riga and now I think the course was a great success! We had a good team of teachers and school staff and learning was funny! I can fully recommend it!".
Vacation club 50+ is specially designed for mature but young-at-heart students who are looking for both exciting vacation and study experience in Latvia.

Wieczór rosyjski

Evening Russian in mini groups

During these Russian language courses you will be able to develop your reading, listening, speaking and writing skills, as well as to consolidate your grammar knowledge. Due to the high intensity of the learning process and individual approach of teachers, the studies in mini groups will allow you very quickly to achieve the desired results.

Kusy superintensywne 30

The superintensive course is designed for the motivated students who wish to maximize their time spent in 
Latvia as effectively as possible. In addition to General Russian with 20 lessons per week, students will have additional 10 lessons per week on four afternoons and will master situational language, discussions, role play and social language in order to develop and improve all the skills necessary for confident communication. 

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