Shared Flat will come in handy!

Further below is our intern Adam’s feedback about living in a students' flat, sharing it with two other students – a great chance for you to see the benefits and learn a bit more about this accommodation choice from the first-hand experience!

Adam, USA: “When I was looking at the possibilities for accommodation, I decided to choose the Shared Flat option, partially because it was very affordable, and partially because I knew I would be able to form stronger relationships with my roommates. I am definitely glad I went through with this decision, and I have had so far around 5 different roommates. I talked with two of them recently and asked them what their thoughts were:

Jan, Czech Republic: “The apartment is very nice, and it is so enjoyable to live with other guys from school. It was the best option to take, you have free time that you can enjoy at home, and we would always prepare meals for lunch or dinner on the weekends. I would definitely recommend it to other people, my favourite part was how much space we had and how nice the rooms were.”

Giulo, Italy: “The apartment in which we stay in is very cozy and cute. I think that the kitchen is perfect, the living room is also very good, and this year my room is very big and wide. Last year I was here in the same apartment, and I decided to come back because you can share a lot of moments and fun with your colleagues and flatmates. It’s quick to reach the city center on foot, in just 15 minutes, and it’s a very nice walk. You pass by the Riga Galeria with the rooftop bar, by Radisson Blu Hotel, and many other interesting places. It’s very well served, there are several grocery stores and, although I never take them, there are plenty of busses nearby. Our resident advisor who comes on Sundays, Anita, is very kind and very helpful, but also very discreet, when I do not need any help she does not always bother me. These have been two great experiences at the shared flat.”

As you can see, I am not the only one who likes our flat, by far. If I were to add anything, I would say that the place is very spacious, you will never feel crowded, even if you have some guests over. Additionally, we have a washing machine that requires no payment, and after a full year in Germany of spending 3€ or more per week on laundry, to have this freedom is incomparable. ”

Durbe RLA offers other accommodation options as well, such as living in the same building as the school in the In-House Residence. Compare the options yourself, and you can get an idea of what fits you, personally, the best.

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