Our educational philosophy

Education centre Durbe is a learner-focused and action-oriented teaching institution with effective use of the „can do” statements as learning objectives. We believe that effective collaboration and interaction between the teacher and students is based on the teachers monitoring the teaching process and adjusting teaching strategies in response to the pace and depth of students understanding. The study process lead by the teacher takes into account individual needs and at the same time is motivating the students. We are confident that in the teaching process only the target language should be used, and that teaching is based on communicative approach. Our aim is to provide students with a comfortable, well equipped, clean and safe learning environment.

In addition to the above said we ensure that all language course programs are specified by levels which refer to the CERF and learning objectives related to the global descriptors of CERF levels. It is important to us to certify that the content of the lessons, teaching aids and the methodology is suitable for the age, level and needs of the learners. Analysis of the results of lesson observations and students feedbacks help us to generate continuous improvements on our institution.

All our teachers have the appropriate language teaching qualifications, but the school also continues to motivate them to grow professionally. To do this, our teachers regularly attend professional development courses, in-service trainings and peer-observations in order to affirm their professional growth. Through this continued self-development in their knowledge of the subject area, our engaged teachers thus motivate the students to excel in the subject area as well.


Our slogan is „Climb higher with us!” and even our logo shows our intention with our program to motivate our clients, teachers and staff to develop themselves professionally and personally!

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