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Why Durbe

Russian Language Academy Durbe‘s mission is to promote your language development through all four language domains: reading, writing, speaking and listening, to enrich your vocabulary, grammatical and language structures. RLA Durbe has more than 20 years of experience in the international language tourism circuit. It is recognized by the Latvian Ministry of Education and Science and is an accredited member of EAQUALS. EAQUALS accreditation allows us to be up-to-date with the latest field trends and guarantees the highest possible quality.


Nora Poisa, director/owner:  “Quite a few students choose Durbe because of its convenient location, the lack of a visa requirement, and cheap, direct flights to other areas of the Baltics and Europe. But of course, all students return back because of the quality of teaching and the friendly, safe environment of the school and Riga. We welcome you to your first or further Russian language and cultural experience at Durbe.”



wdt_ID The school Your studies
1 Internationally accredited Patient teachers
2 Centrally located Rapid progress
3 Friendly staff Small classes
4 Easy booking process Individual approach
5 All year round Internship


The school is located in the very heart of Riga, the capital of Latvia. The sophisticated atmosphere of elegance and architectural beauty surrounds us! Just across the street there is the National Opera House in one direction and the central train and bus station in another. A block away is the central building of the University of Latvia and across the park is the historic city section of Old Town. We are also lucky to have a big shopping mall,”Origo” nearby, where our students can find everything they might need during their language stay: from stationery to restaurants, to cafes and shopping malls.

The school is situated on the third floor of a historical building. Our building is equipped with 10 bright classrooms, all with necessary learning technology. We have a self-study room, a library and free Wi-Fi for students; in the student lounge you’ll find various teas and coffee for your enjoyment, and multiple water dispensers at your service. Students are welcome to use the Self-study room and the library for learning purposes and social communication.


You will be met by our friendly, welcoming staff ready to help and assist you. We at RLA Durbe highly evaluate quality, responsibility and reliability. All our teachers are native speakers who have received the highest degrees in education, philology, applied linguistics and pedagogy. Our teachers are experienced professionals who specialized in teaching Russian as a foreign language with additional qualifications in culture studies, business, science, law etc. They are like actors who invite you to join a performance, at the same time motivating you to master Russian grammar, vocabulary and linguistic principles through interaction, games and songs. As has been seen, at the end of the course our students are excited about the acquired knowledge they have gained and have great memories of the time they have enjoyed here with the other students.


By choosing Russian language course in RLA Durbe you are going to study in a learner-focused and action-oriented teaching institution with effective use of the „can do” statements as learning objectives. You will receive all the benefits of an effective collaboration and interaction with your teacher, that is based on their monitoring the teaching process and adjusting teaching strategies in response to the pace and depth of your understanding of the material. The study process lead by the teacher takes into account your individual needs and at the same time is motivating. We are confident that for your strong and fast linguistic achievements only target language should be used in the teaching process, that is based on the communicative approach. Our aim is to provide you with a comfortable, well equipped, clean and safe learning environment.

In addition, you will study in the school which ensures that all language course programs are specified by levels referred to the CERF and learning objectives related to the global descriptors of CERF levels. It is important to us to certify that the content of the lessons, teaching aids and the methodology is suitable for your age, level and personal needs. Your feedbacks, as well as throughout analysis of the results of lesson observations help us to generate continuous and positive improvements.

RLA Durbe’s slogan is „Climb higher with us!” and even the logo shows the intention to motivate our clients, teachers and staff to develop themselves professionally and personally!


We are proud to be an official partner of the publishing house Zlatoust, located in St. Petersburg, Russia, which specializes in teaching materials on learning Russian as a foreign language.  These materials let our teachers make the learning process gradual and corresponding to the various interests, desires or special needs of each student. Unique books such as “Грамматика в анекдотах” /Grammar in-jokes/ and “Сказки на уроке русского языка” /Fairytales during the Russian lesson/ get you acquainted with everyday life, traditions and characters of Russian people. On the other hand, “Россия сегодня” /Russia today/ informs students through texts from Russian newspapers about youth culture, attitude towards work, forms of entertainment and social problems in contemporary Russia.