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Your best offers for April



Your dream Russian language course offers are here! Make your choice between the most suitable Individual or Group courses and start learning Russian from tomorrow.


  • 10 lessons in one week – 210 EUR (2 lessons per day, 5 study days or 2.5 lessons per day with 4 study days)
  • 10 lessons in 2 weeks – 230 EUR (flexible timetable)
  • flexible lessons number (min 2 lessons/ week) – 24 EUR/ lesson. Books any lessons’ number you need!
  • OR a package of 20 individual lessons (min 4 lessons/ week) – 400 EUR

Details to know:

  • Your level of Russian: all levels are welcome, from complete beginners to C1 – we can do anything for you!
  • Study period: April 12 – May 14.
  • One time registration fee: 30 EUR
  • Bonus offer: for studies from April 12 till April 23 – get 50% off the registration fee!

SOMETHING SPECIAL FOR YOU: Not sure if online lessons are effective? Book test-drive individual session (90 min) only for 26 EUR!

 New specialized courses launched this spring:

Watch short movies under a professional guidance of our teachers and have grand discussions. Become better at listening and understanding spoken Russian. Learn relevant vocabulary and discover a colourful world of Russian contemporary as well as historic culture and so much more!

Perfect course for you to: understand the difference between perfective and imperfective verbs of motion. Also master all forms of verbs of motion according to your level. And of course, correctly use these verbs of motion in daily life situations with confidence.


ONLINE RUSSIAN GROUP OFFERS (so many great options to choose from!)

  • Group lessons: 2 times per week, 4 lessons:

4 weeks course:  260 EUR (total 16 lessons). 3 weeks – 200 EUR.

Morning, day, or an evening group.

  • Group lessons: 3 times per week (2 standard + 1 conversational Russian session).

4 weeks course: 353 EUR. 3 weeks – 265 EUR.

  • Intensive Group lessons: 8 lessons per week, 4 study days per week:

4 weeks course: 500 EUR. 3 weeks – 380 EUR. 2 weeks – 250 EUR.

Details to know:

  • Your level of Russian: A1, A2, B1 or B2 – everyone is welcome to apply
  • Start your group course: April 12, April 19, April 26
  • Study times: let us know your best available times (morning, day or evening!)
  • One time registration fee: 30 EUR
  • Min number to start the course – 3 students
  • Bonus: free initial Russian language level test

If you have any ideas, questions or suggestions about days and times – let us know -> russian@durbe.edu.lv



And finally! Find or create own group of 4 friends with same level of Russian (mates, colleagues) -> and get a special price for 1 module (10 lessons):  150 EUR/person.

Have any questions? Don’t hesitate and get in touch: russian@durbe.edu.lv

We’d love to speak to you and create  your best Russian language study program!