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Feedback Corner

Clarisse, France

This course fully met my expectations as I learned a lot of new and interesting facts about the teaching methods for Russian as a foreign language. I am confident that in the years to come I will be able to put the most material into practice.

Deniss Sivohins, USA

I really loved my stay her in Riga at durbe and to learn more about the country where I was born. It’s nice to finally be able to speak Russian with native speakers.

George Leech, UK

“The school is amazing in every aspect. Very well organized and the teachers are very helpful. Riga is a very beautiful city.”

Petr Šimek, Czech Republik

I spent 2 weeks at school and am very happy with my choice. My teacher was very professional and helpful. The location of the school is excellent, right in the center. I highly recommend Durbe RLA.

Michelle O'Brien-Gietka, USA

Great school!  I did appreciate that the teachers tailor the lessons to my needs. Riga is a beautiful city and I am very happy with my stay here.

Louise, France

I feel that this week has really helped me to improve my Russian skills, especially grammatically. Being able to immerse yourself in the Russian language four hours a day is a great way to learn. I would like to have stayed longer. Thank you dear Durbe team!