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Challenging Plans For Summer 2018!


With the last month of winter already here, it’s high time to think about wise linguistical investments! May it be for your future career, further studies or own hobbies. Make your challenging plans for summer 2018 and learn Russian in Riga

Summer is the perfect time to explore new horizons by traveling to Latvia, learning the Russian language in the heart of the capital city of Riga, as well as fully enjoying everything this magnificent country has to offer!

Our new Immersion Crash course, Standard or Intensive group studies or Leisure individual program – the possibilities are limitless and you can:

1) Decide which course option suits you better – you’re welcome to read the blog about ‘How to choose the right course’.

2) Learn about why you absolutely must visit Latvia – see our intern’s blog about ‘Why Italians love Riga’.

Remember that there is a great new accommodation offer for long-term studies with up to 35% off the price – with all the details explained here.

Create suitable for you personally linguistic program! Apply today, book cheap tickets, as well as get to enjoy the summer 2018 experience you will never forget!