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Check Your Russian for Free!


Do you want to know your Russian language level for free?  Do you want to find out what is the best course and when to start your Russian language course in Riga?  Take a moment to test your Russian language grammar skills right now *.

I want to check my Russian grammar!

The Russian language level test is absolutely free! It doesn’t matter how long you’ve been studying Russian, as the test is designed to check all levels of fluency.
We will send an e-mail pertaining to your Russian language level. The e-mail will also alert you to which Russian language program we advise you to take based on your current level. We invite you to start your new challenging intellectual experience in Riga!

Good luck with your test!

If you aren’t sure which course suits your needs, get in touch with our friendly managers Jelena and Jekaterina! They will work out a proposal for you and will ensure your application process goes smoothly.

*By submitting the online test, you agree to the processing and storage of your personal data by  Russian Language Academy Durbe for marketing purposes, and to receive promotional information by means of electronic communication or via e-mail (no more than once per month).