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And so your Russian level is --> C1. Now what?


First of all congratulations – your Russian language knowledge is officially advanced!

Now you wonder what course to take after reaching B2+?

For advanced students we offer the unique opportunity to reach new amazing highs with the individual C1 Absolute Advanced Course. Our professional teachers are skilled and experienced when it comes to C1 and above levels. They are ready to teach Russian even to native speaking expats at any time.

This individual course focuses specifically on:

  • Writing, listening, reading and vocabulary for the C1 level
  • Authentic texts and various programs on current issues
  • Exploring daily news: topic related tasks and topic-based translation
  • Expressing your point of view on language-advanced themes: economics, global problems, culture and much more!


See the results – easily understand everything you hear and read. Get to talk on difficult subjects at high pace and create thoughtful texts with different content, type and style. Most importantly – start to speak fluently with native Russians on any number of subjects!


Excited to start? So are we!

Please stay tuned for detailed info and be ready to apply!