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Evening Russian Course

Semi-intensive Russian language evening classes


Planned starting date for the online courses:


Evening Russian

Russian language evening classes are great for foreigners who live, work, or study in Riga! Do you know how to say ”Good evening” or ” Good morning” in Russian?  Do you want to be able to speak everyday Russian? Then you just need the basics of the Russian language for absolute comfort and confidence. In other words, consider a part-time Evening Russian language course!

During your Russian language evening classes, you will develop your reading, listening, speaking and writing skills. Above all, a part-time Russian course will help to consolidate your grammar knowledge. Due to the high intensity of the learning process and individual approach, you will quickly achieve the desired results.  In addition, the studies in a small group provide a pleasant and friendly atmosphere in the classroom.

As a part of the Russian Language Academy teaching system, teachers use the communicative approach, providing the most effective language training. Special attention is paid to the development of your communication skills. Good news – you will be able to communicate in the target language from the very first lesson! And to sum it up – you will significantly enrich your vocabulary and will get a very positive study experience.

Feedback from our student about part-time evening Russian classes:

“The course aims at developing all language skills (listening, speaking, reading and writing), but the focus is definitely on the oral part of the language, which I deeply value. The class is constructed as a series of debates and discussions where everyone has the chance to both take part in dialogues and live interaction and to speak for longer periods of time and develop an argument in depth.”


Business Evening Russian

Course objective – to activate and improve the skills and knowledge of Business Russian language to apply for professional activities and international communication.

The course program consists of activation and improvement of Business Russian vocabulary, grammar, and common spelling issues. For example, numerals and most frequently used abbreviations. The course program includes situational dialogues, business management examples, and audio materials.

Moreover, students will practice a variety of topics, such as business terminology and its usage, business etiquette, business communication (phone calls, correspondence with customers and partners). Further lessons include the presentation and sale of products/services, planning, and organization of the meetings. Above all, there will be the basics of public speaking, principles of rhetoric, preparation of presentations and public speech and audience involvement.

Expected results: at the end of the course you will have built upon known and new business Russian vocabulary.  You will be able to talk about specific topics in the business area, for example, job responsibilities, past experience, future plans, and customer service. In addition, you will acquire a good knowledge of business etiquette and issues in contact and correspondence as well as improving conversational and presentation skills.

1 Course intensity 32 academic hours (8 weeks)
2 Regularity 2.5 academic hours 2 times a week from 18.10 to 19.40
3 Entry Level Complete Beginners to Advanced (B2)
4 Number of students per group 4-7 students
6 Full price for the 8-week course 199 EUR
(15% price discount for ISIC / ITIC card holders!)


wdt_ID Level Study days Study times Course price / Nr of academic hours Starting date / length of the course
1 A1 (with little prior knowledge) Monday and Wednesday or Tuesday and Thursday 18:10 – 19:40 199 EUR / 32 TBC / 8 weeks
2 A2 (with prior knowledge) Monday and Wednesday or Tuesday and Thursday 18:10 – 19:40 199 EUR / 32 TBC / 8 weeks
3 B1 (intermediate knowledge) Monday and Wednesday or Tuesday and Thursday 18:10 – 19:40 199 EUR / 32 TBC / 8 weeks
4 B2 (higher intermediate knowledge) Monday and Wednesday or Tuesday and Thursday 18:10 – 19:40 199 EUR / 32 TBC / 8 weeks
5 Business Russian A2/B1 Monday, Wednesday and Thursday 18:10 – 19:30 190 EUR / 24 TBC / 4 weeks


Low intensity Individual Russian lessons

Want to sufficiently study at your pace and when you can? Apart from our group Evening classesyou may have just a couple of individual Russian language lessons week. Concentrate on specific skills you absolutely require!

Online skype lessons

Start or continue to practice your Russian language skills with one of our teachers under individual supervision. You will be surprised to find out how effective our online Skype lessons are!

Individual Latvian 

Living or working in Riga? Some basic Latvian language skills will help you to integrate and feel more confident.