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Vacation Club 50+

Russian language for seniors

Russian language for seniors is a great course if you are a mature yet young-at-heart student, looking for both an exciting vacation and a study experience in Latvia! Vacation Club 50+ is designed especially for you! The program challenges you to stay intellectually stimulated by learning the Russian language in the mornings. Additionally, engage yourself socially by exploring the most interesting places of Riga during excursions and museum visits in the afternoon.

At the same time, we have included charming destinations for your weekly full-day excursions to the most beautiful places in Latvia. For example, Sigulda is known as the “Switzerland of Latvia” with its picturesque scenery or Jurmala – a peaceful seaside resort.  We will take you out to local restaurants, so you will be able to enjoy culinary delights including Russian and Latvian cuisine and compare a great diversity of dining traditions in Latvia. In other words, booking Russian for seniors course you will get an amazing cultural and linguistic experience. Be sure  – you will improve your Russian language skills as well.

You will have Russian language lessons with other students according to your level of the Russian language. Upon request, it is possible to book Individual Standard course.

Russian for seniors program information

20 Russian lessons per week
3 half-day activities per week
1 full-day excursion per week
1 Friday’s restaurant night with prepaid drinks and snacks per week
National Baltic cuisine tavern: tasting 3 types of special alcohol drinks and snacks;
Maximum 8 students per class (in summer up to 10).

The feedback from our students about their experience

Ursula, GERMANY: “At the age of 75 it was a great challenge to take part in a Russian language course in Riga and now I think the course was a great success! We had a good team of teachers and school staff and learning Russian was funny indeed! In fact, I can fully recommend it!”.

Patricia, UK: “The trips were well organized and I enjoyed the company of the guides who speak just in Russian. My favorite one was Sigulda, this little town not far from Riga”.

Participants can book either 1 or 2 weeks, the beginners should start on *beginners dates.

Course dates for 2019:
1 week:
October 14*, October 21.
2 weeks: October 14*.

Participants can book either 1 or 2 weeks, the beginners should start on *beginners dates.

 Vacation club 50+ social program (slight changes may occur)


wdt_ID Monday Tuesday/Wednesday Friday Saturday
1 Riga Old Town Walking Tour
Explore the Riga Old Town, see its romantic and historical buildings and feel the medieval breath of the narrow streets and small houses.
Museum of the Occupation of Latvia and Riga Central Market
Get acquainted with the history of Latvia during the visit to the Occupation Museum and continue the tour to the lively Riga Central market. See, taste and buy the local delicacies, enjoy the works of the Latvian craftsmen and practice your Russian while exploring market’s enormous pavilions!
Art Nouveau district and national Baltic traditional drinks
Find out why Riga is called the European capital of Art Nouveau during the excursion to embassy quarter! After admiring the amazing beauty of Art Nouveau, relax in the national Baltic cuisine restaurant, enjoying traditional drinks and snacks in an authentic atmosphere, chatting and socializing with your new friends.
Full-day excursion to Sigulda
Sigulda is one of the most beautiful cities in Latvia, often called Latvian Switzerland. It is a great place to enjoy Latvian nature and rest after a productive study week. Discover the mystical Gutmana cave, Turaida Museum Reserve with medieval castle and learn the romantic story of its former inhabitants, as well as enjoy the calm beauty of the city.


wdt_ID Monday Tuesday Wednesday Friday Saturday
1 Riga Old Town Walking Tour for New Students (if there are any). Students from Week 1 are welcome to join! Guided tour at the National Library of Latvia
Just a bridge span from Old Town looms an extraordinary, culturally significant edifice, the Castle of Light – the new National Library. There you will enjoy a breathtaking panorama of the Old Town.
Trip to Jurmala with visiting the Art Residence Inner Light
Jurmala – the biggest resort city in the Baltic states, also known as Latvian Pearl, is famous for its 33 km white sandy beaches, dunes, old pines and green landscaped streets. Continue exploring by paying a visit to the Art Residence Inner Light. Take a deep breath and witness the magical beauty of the light pictures painted in the unique technique.
Farewell party at the Latvian cuisine recreation centre “LIDO”
All good things come to an end! Enjoy the evening with your new friends from Vacation club 50+ program in the most popular national Latvian cuisine restaurant LIDO. See how the beer is made and learn ancient beer making (and drinking) traditions during the excursion at the LIDO beer brewery. You will have a great time with snacks, authentic interior and costumes – everything will be provided for you, all you need is just to enjoy it!
Full-day excursion to the Rundale Palace and Bauska Castle
Rundale Palace – the greatest Baroque and Rococo art style monument in Latvia! Its sophisticated beauty will delight even the most experienced spectator! After the guided tour at the Rundale, continue exploring and see the medieval Bauska castle. Catch the spirits of two eras!