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Russian for Politics or Military Online

Now also available ONLINE!

Russian for Politics

We highly recommend the Russian for Politics course to any student who studies foreign affairs, diplomacy, international relations, economics, and sociology. This course is key for anyone who works in these fields and wants to learn more about the Russian used in political contexts. Moreover, you’ll be able to freely communicate in the professional and political spheres. In addition, you’ll increase your knowledge about the political aspects of world politics, including Russian politics and Russia itself. Your grammar and vocabulary will be updated to ensure a smooth academical conversation of politics. You will find Russian politics and similar themes to be interesting and multi-sided.

Six modules provide deeper knowledge of modern Russia, the president of Russia, and the government. You will get a deeper understanding of public authorities and Russian society. Additionally, the modules will also allow you to focus on your home country. You have the freedom to combine modules and even themes according to your needs and interest. The sixth module gives an insight into Latvia’s history and relationship with other countries of the world.

General info about Russian for Politics online course:

Minimum level: B1 + (lower level upon request)
No. of modules offered: 6 (detailed description of each module)
No. of individual lessons per one module: 10
Minimum enrollment: One module with possibility to divide 10 lessons for two weeks. Students may book up to 3 modules per week.
Price for 1 module (10 individual lessons about Russian politics): 480 EUR

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! Combine Russian for Politics with Russian for Military or any other online course! Please send us an email with your preferences to: lena@durbe.edu.lv or russian@durbe.edu.lv


Russian for Military

“Russian for Military” course has proved itself to be very popular among our Russian language students and is indeed one of a kind. It was developed as a result of increased demand for effective military communication in Russian. This course is both stimulating and wide-ranging in its content. It focuses specifically on the language and communication needs of military personnel. For example, cadets, sergeants, military officers, diplomatic staff, civil servants, government employees, etc.

The school developed a special 5 module course, designed to provide you with confidence in your ability to communicate in Russian, expand vocabulary for discussing military and peacekeeping issues. Moreover, it will help enable military persons to function effectively in a variety of target situations. These situations include a better understanding of Russian culture, traditions, and history. Each module provides a balance of vocabulary, pronunciation and specific purpose skills.

General info about Russian for Military online course:

Minimum level: B1+ (lower level – upon request)
Modules offered: 5, lessons per module – 10 (detailed description of each module)
Minimum enrollment: One module with possibility to divide 10 lessons for two weeks.
Maximum number of modules per week: 2

Price for 1 module (10 individual lessons): 480 EUR

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Russian online group lessons 

Book daily Semi-intensive online Russian course in a Mini-Group up to 4 students. Choose your preferred course starting date and study times!

Individual Russian online

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