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Covid-19 Full Information for School measures and Safety Rules

LAST UPDATE: February 1, 2022

Please find below the detailed information on safety measures and essential regulations for visiting Latvia, studying at Russian Language Academy and staying at our accommodation.

General Measures and Rules in Latvia


Russian Language Academy BORN strongly suggests each student has a Covid risks and Travel disruption insurance for the whole duration of their stay and studies in Latvia.


Before entering Latvia (no more than 48h prior the arrival), all passengers must fill in the e-confirmation stating that upon the arrival to Latvia, they will observe the epidemiological safety measures set in the country. The received QR code must be presented on a mobile device or in printed form before boarding the aircraft to RIX.

The application form is available HERE.

All personal data are deleted automatically 30 days after submission of form. In case of technical problems, the student has to inform the officials (with a detailed description and screenshot) by e-mail: pd@ic.iem.gov.lv, but in urgent cases call +371 67219111.


EU Green Certificates launched on July 1st, 2021 around all the European Union countries. The certificate is meant for EU citizens and confirms a successful recovery from the Covid or a vaccination. This certificate allows people to travel around EU after 14 days from their last vaccination. Also for everyone recovered within the last 3 months post-Covid it is also allowed to enter Latvia without a 10-day self-isolation.

For Non-EU citizens: Starting Nov 15, 2021 the procedure for US citizens to obtain a short-term QR code for Latvia got much easier and now takes around 20 mins. It is possible to obtain a QR code for free at the Riga Tourist Centre (the Old Town). Students should provide a vaccination/recovery documents as well as their IDs at the Riga Tourist Centre. The received QR codes will be active for 1 months around Latvia only.

More information available HERE.

Safety measures for entering Latvia as of 1 February 2021

Covid-19 world countries cumulative numbers and information about countries in green and red lists. Information provided in ENG/RU/LV

The list is updated weekly on Fridays. Please follow the current situation attentively.

All students should refer to the table above for entry rules to Latvia.

If a student comes from a country, from which the test upon arrival to Latvia is mandatory, the nearest testing point is located at the Riga International Airport (RIX). If the repeated test is positive or the student refuses to take the test, they must mark this information on covidpass.lv.

How to find the E.Gulbis Laboratory at the airport?

E.Gulbis Laboratory (with green logos) is located in the Airport’s check-in Hall C (students need to present a boarding pass to enter). The opening hours are 6.00 – 15:00. At the laboratory testing point there is a live queue available. The Covid-19 saliva PCR test, the result of which is ready within 24 hours costs 29 EUR. If a student’s test result is positive, they have to notify the school staff immediately.

Info about Covid-19 related questions
The unified toll-free number +371 8345 will also help with any questions about Covid-19.

More information about tests here: https://covid19.gov.lv/en/entering-latvia-third-countries

Additional information

Masks can be bought at any pharmacy, a set of three single-use masks costs about 4.00 EUR.

– Use hand sanitizers when entering and leaving a shop (almost every shop is equipped with dispensers).
– While standing in a queue, keep a distance of at least one meter between each other or follow the special marks on the floor.
– Feeling unwell, do not visit any public places.
– Showing signs of a respiratory disease, do a Covid test.

Covid-19 testing and antigen laboratories

Tests, as well as antigen/antibodies tests can be made at the following laboratories, by prior appointment only:

Places for testing in Riga: Brivibas gatve 366 and Kipsalas street 8. A PCR test costs 37 EUR , quick PCR antigen test costs 6.50 EUR(as of February 1, 2022).

To make an appointment for the test the student will need to provide: date of birth, phone number and an e-mail. If a student needs help booking an appointment – they should let the school know timely and the school will help 🙂

Obtaining the PCR test results can take up to 36h due to queues. The Antigen test results are ready in 20 minutes after the test. Before the test the student has to make sure they tell the person at the laboratory about the result translation into English. The translation is free. Payment for the test is accepted by a Credit Card only.


General Measures and Rules at Russian Language Academy

  1. Lessons are conducted in the school building with a maximum of 6 students per class for the summer period.
  2. Morning session (20 lessons per week): 9.00 to 10.40 and from 11.00 to 12.40. Afternoon session (20 lessons per week): 13.40 – 15.20 and from 15.40 to 17.20.
    Every two lessons, there will be a 20 minute break to air the classroom.
  3. In case of necessity, groups are divided into two shifts: morning and afternoon group as well as individual classes.
  4. Classes are restructured in a way to accommodate necessary 3 square meters for each student.
  5. All surfaces in the school are regularly cleaned and sanitized in accordance with the regulations.
  6. All common areas (student lounge and wc) are equipped with sanitizer dispensers and regularly sanitized.
  7. Each classroom shows the maximum amount of people combined who are allowed to be inside at the same time.
  8. Russian Language Academy staff strongly encourages to go out from the classroom during breaks, and if the weather allows – also to go outside the school building to breathe some fresh air and minimise the amount of students in the student lounge during the break.
  9. Russian Language Academy staff also asks for each student to sanitize their hands every time before entering the classroom.


FACE MASKS and Covid Certificates

Currently only vaccinated/recovered students (with EU Green Certificate or 3rd country proof of vaccination (ex. USA)) are allowed to have in-school classes! It is mandatory to wear a face mask during the breaks at school in common areas, as well as during the class. The school administration follows the standard protocol and thus these rules might change in accordance with the situation in Latvia.

Extra information

  1. Disposable glasses for water are provided. Students are recommended to have their own bottles for water to easily fill them at school if necessary.
  2. A student showing signs of a virus disease (coughing, sneezing, etc.) will not be admitted to classes starting from the 2nd consecutive day of showing Covid symptoms. They will be admitted to classes right after they provide a proof of a negative Covid test (antigen test or a PCR test, done within the last 72 hours). If the virus symptoms are very pronounced, the school reserves the right to ask the student to leave the classroom during the 1st day as well.
  3. The student should let the school know immediately that they don’t feel well and are staying at home by sending a message (call/WhatsApp) to: +371-29196306.
  4. A student unable to attend classes because of an illness may study online via Skype starting from the 2nd day of a sick leave, timely providing their Skype ID.
  5. During a welcome tour at school/orientation  masks are mandatory.
  6. The Student Handbook is sent out via email only or can be downloaded from the website, in the footer under Download Materials.
  7. Students have to take with them to Latvia a small thermometer to measure their temperature daily throughout the whole stay in Latvia. If asked by the school staff, the students should tell them their last measured temperature. It is important to get in touch with the school staff immediately in case the students don’t feel well, have a runny nose or a cough: +371-29196306. If running a temperature of 37.5C, the student(s) will not be admitted to classes.

General Measures and Rules at Homestay

  1. All surfaces in the common areas (kitchen, bathroom, etc.) are regularly cleaned and sanitized.
  2. Every family has a thermometer.
  3. If showing any signs of a respiratory disease, every family member or guest student must wear a mask.

Staying with a host family, a student should keep to the following rules:

  1. Sanitize hands regularly (sanitizers to be provided by the family).
  2. Use only provided by the host family personal set of towels, including a hand towel.
  3. When at home, you’re advised to change into clothes and footwear meant for wearing inside.
  4. If running a temperature or showing signs of Covid, do a test (see contacts above) and in case of a positive result – leave the family within 24h and organize your stay at a hotel or apartment. All expenses incurred to be covered by the student.

General Measures and Rules at a Shared Flat/Residence

  1. The student is strongly advised to do the general cleaning and sanitizing once a week. In addition to that, students should sanitize surfaces in their rooms (advised – daily) and common areas themselves (sanitizers to be provided by the school).
  2. All flats are equipped with thermometers.

Staying at a shared flat/residence, a student should keep to the following rules:

  1. Use only their personal set of towels, including a hand towel.
  2. Use only their dishes and cutlery and wash them after every use.
  3. When at home, you’re advised to change into clothes and footwear meant for wearing inside.
  4. If showing any signs of a respiratory disease, wear a mask.
  5. If running a temperature or showing signs of Covid, do a test (see contacts above) and in case of a positive result – let the school know immediately (as seen above). All expenses incurred to be covered by the student.