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Looking for inspirational feedback about online Russian courses?


Welcome to the Feedback inspiration board! This time we’ve combined the latest feedback about different ONLINE Russian language courses. And we do have great options for you to choose from: from Intensive individual to long-term lessons to mini group classes – anything goes!

Enjoy to the fullest teaching methods, highly skilled native Russian teachers (and with a great experience of teaching Russian online!), as well as your flexibility of online lessons and individual approach to all your needs. We have it all covered 😉


➡ Jane, UK: “I have learned a lot and had really interesting discussions with the teacher. My Russian improved so much during the week of studies.”

➡ Lina, Canada: “I have been very pleased with the online course so far and with the quality of my teachers, and I look forward to continuing to take courses with RLA in the next year as well. Everyone at the school has been and continues to be fantastic!”

➡ Antti, Finland: “I had a two week online private Russian course with a wonderful teacher. I really enjoyed it. Lessons were organized very well, started and finished always promptly. Private online studying is a really effective way to enhance your Russian skills in a limited time. After every lesson I felt tired, in private teaching you have to focus all the time and there is no place to hide, if you don´t know the answer. Yes, it’s difficult sometimes, but very effective. I appreciated the teaching very highly and I highly recommend this way of studying!”

➡ Thomas, Germany: “Though I would have preferred to attend regular lessons in Riga, the Covid-19 regulations made it necessary to book online lessons. I did not regret this at all. The teachers are very well prepared to offer lessons online, the schedules are flexible and the process of learning the Russian language is fast. I will maintain learning Russian online.”

➡ Ludwig, GERMANY: “The school left a very good impression, teachers always motivate you to learn the Russian language. I continued my Russian language lessons via Skype with my teacher from Riga. In fact, it works better than expected and it gives me a lot of flexibility!”.


Have any ideas or suggestions how to make your course even better? Want to study tailor-made course with a friend? Have a group of colleagues ready to start corporate training? Then get in touch with us at anytime!

russian@durbe.edu.lv  We’re always here for you!