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Die information und die termine

All students who book a course with Russian Language Academy Durbe are highly encouraged to get acquainted with the following Terms and Conditions:

1. Booking and payment conditions

1.1. To participate in the language course it is necessary to fill in the Application form. It is possible to book the course through the agent too. The booking deadline for students not requiring a visa is 1 week prior to arrival, for students requiring a visa the booking deadline is 4 weeks prior to the arrival.

1.2. It is always advisable to book services in advance, however even in the case of the last minute booking the school will consider the application and do everything possible to ensure the arrangement of the booked course and accommodation. The school, however, cannot guarantee that all requests will be fulfilled exactly.

1.3. The school requires students to take the Online Placement test directly on the website or through the agent no later than 1 week before the arrival. In order to be sure about the level of student’s Russian language knowledge, the school also tests speaking and listening skills during the telephone interview. For this purpose, all students are asked to write their phone number when filling in the application form.

1.4. Within the next working day after the receipt of the Application form, the student will receive the enrollment confirmation, an invoice for the booked services and a request to proceed with a deposit payment (200 EUR).

1.5. The language course is considered to be booked only after the school has received the non-refundable deposit of 200 EUR. For the reasons of conveniency, the student may choose to pay the whole invoice at once.

1.6. The full payment for the booked services is to be settled 4 weeks before the program’s start date. In case the booking is submitted less than 4 weeks before the course starting date, the full payment is to be settled immediately upon the receipt of the invoice.

1.7. The student will receive his accommodation details and transfer confirmation on the week before the arrival.

1.8. If the student needs a visa, the visa support documents will be sent within one week after the receipt of necessary personal information and full payment for the course. In case there is no Latvian Embassy in the student’s country, the receipt of the necessary documents may take up to 4 weeks.

2. Arrival and the Beginning of Tuition

2.1. For course participants who have booked accommodation through the school the arrival day is Sunday. Arrival on Sunday should be no earlier than 14:00, and departure should be scheduled for Sunday before 12:00 PM.

2.2. All courses start on Monday (except for days when Monday is a public holiday) and last till Friday. There is no reduction in course fees or compensation when a course includes a public holiday except individual lessons which are rescheduled.

2.3. Course participants who have booked accommodation through the school will be provided with a complimentary arrival transfer from the airport until 22:00 (no transfer from the bus station) to their accommodation. Late night arrival transfers are booked separately at the price of 40 EUR.

2.4. In case of transfer it is essential for the student to provide the information about the date and time of arrival and flight number as soon as possible, but no later than one working day before the arrival.

2.5. The departure transfer can be booked at the price of 40 EUR no later than one working day before the departure. The student should provide the time of his flight and the telephone number.

3. Accommodation

3.1. The accommodation is calculated from Sunday to Sunday.

3.2. For students who booked a Share Flat/Residence, a security deposit of 200 EUR is mandatory. The security deposit is not the same as the registration fee and has to be paid at least 5 days before your arrival. A secure payment link will be sent to you to make an online payment by a credit card (please make sure you have valid Visa or Mastercard). The deposit will be paid back to you within 2 working days after your departure provided that after the inspection there are no damages left in the accommodation premises.

3.3. The school does all it can to ensure that students’ requirements are met. However, the fact that the school could not provide the type of accommodation preferred does not constitute a case for reimbursement.

3.4. In case the student who booked the host family accommodation has questions connected with payment for room and board, they should be resolved through the school administration, with the exception of additional services which are not included in the cost of accommodation (extra laundry, Internet access, etc).

3.5. The minimum age for the Residence, Shared flat and Hotel Irina accommodation options is 18.

4. Russian Language Courses

4.1. Teaching materials for one level of knowledge are included in the course price.

4.2. In order to achieve good progress, the student has to attend lessons on a regular basis and perform daily homework given by the teacher. Estimated time to complete homework is about 60 minutes every day, total about 5-6 hours per week. In addition to daily homework, all teachers encourage students to proceed with self-study and use the school library for the self-study process.

4.3. Group lessons are conducted in the mornings. Individual lessons (including those students whose group lessons are switched to individual lessons) are conducted in the afternoons. We guarantee individual lessons in the mornings for bookings of 30+ lessons per week.

4.4. The certificate is issued if the student has attended 75% of lessons and the average result of all tests is at least 60%.

4.5. The school reserves the right to change the program in an appropriate way in case of riots, strikes, war or other events of force majeure. The school cannot be held responsible for changes occurring as a result of these events.

4.6. If the school has to cancel a group course for the lack of participants at a particular level, the student will receive one-to-one tuition with 75 % of booked group lessons during the same period of time. If a student of  B2 level group course during the study period reaches C1 level and if there is no further group of this level available, the student receives individual tuition with lessons number reduced up to 30 % during the same period of time. Under no circumstances, the participant receives a refund of the fee.

4.7. The school provides only booked and confirmed services. In case of any changes in the program originally booked and confirmed, a written statement to the school administration has to be submitted by the student. The student will receive an official written notification of the changes confirmed or canceled.

5. Complaints and Cancellation policy

5.1. In case the student is not satisfied with any aspect of his language stay (studies / group / accommodation etc.), he is required to inform the client manager immediately. The school will do its best to resolve the problem.

5.2. If the enrolment is canceled from four up to one  week prior to the arrival:

5.2.1. If the student booked tuition only, he is responsible for the settlement of 200 EUR deposit only.

5.2.2. If the student booked tuition and accommodation, the student is responsible for the settlement of 200 EUR deposit and one-week accommodation payment;

5.3. If the enrolment is canceled seven or fewer days before the planned arrival, the student is responsible for full payment of the booked services.

5.4. If a student does not complete the course, fails to arrive or arrives late, the fees will not be refunded.

5.5. The school can refuse to accept a student for tuition if the payment is not received by the time required.

5.6. If a student postpones his enrolment the additional fee of 40 EUR for administrative costs has to be paid. The new start date cannot be later than half a year from the original start date.

5.7. Missed group lessons are not carried over to a later date or refunded. Individual lessons will be rescheduled in case of receipt of a prior notice during the working days.

5.8. All the cancellations or complaints should be done in a written form (mail or special school statement).

5.9. The сlause Nr. 5.2. of these terms and conditions is not applicable to the students requiring a visa and is specified by the special contract for the visa support between the school and the student.

6. Visas

6.1. Many students do not need visas to come to Latvia. For the list of the countries, citizens of which may enter Latvia without a visa, the student is advised to visit this site.

6.2. The visa is needed if the student is planning to stay in Latvia for up to 90 days.

6.3. In case the student needs the visa to come to Latvia, he will be charged 40 EUR for visa / residential permit support documents. Visa / residential permit support documents will be prepared if the student applies for full-time studies only (20 or more lessons per week).

6.4. The student will have to pay full tuition, accommodation and insurance fees before the school applies for visa support documents at the Immigration department. After the school had sent student the visa support documents, the student can apply for the visa at his nearest Latvian Embassy.

6.5. If the student is planning to stay in the country for more than 90 days in addition to the visa he will need a Residential Permit. The student can apply for the residential permit after he comes to Latvia.

6.6. All students who need the visa are required to take the school’s accommodation (Shared Flat or In-House residence) and insurance for the whole stay in Latvia. Insurance price for 1 week (including civil liability) for students younger than 60 years of age is 10 EUR, for students older than 50 – 20 EUR/week.

6.7. The student is required to send the following documents and information to the school to apply for the visa support documents:

6.7.1. Scanned copy of the passport (page with personal information and passport number, all other visas marks) via e-mail.

6.7.2. Student’s Name (First name); Surname (Last name); Place of birth; Date of birth (Day/month/year); His current address (House number / Street / City / Region / Country / Postal code); Citizenship; Dates of visit (from – to): day/month/year; the place where he is going to apply for the visa: place / city / country. The student can locate the nearest Latvian Embassy by visiting the following link: http://www.mfa.gov.lv/en/mission/

7. General Terms

7.1. The minimum age for Russian language courses: General Russian – 16, High school program – 15, Work experience program – 18. Students coming with a closed group or during the summer period can be younger than 16.

7.2. See the starting dates of the courses here.

7.3. The school does not operate on the following public holidays:
New Year, Good Friday and Easter, the Labour day, the Restoration of Independence day, Midsummer, the Independence Day, Christmas and New Year’s Eve.

The school is closed on public holidays in 2019: January 1, April 19, April 22, May 1, May 6, June 24, November 18, December 24 – 26, December 31. All group courses end on Friday, 20 December 2019 and resume on Monday, 6 January 2020.

Group lessons during public holidays are not held and not compensated. Individual lessons will be rescheduled.

7.4. Photos of the school and students published on the site are the property of the Russian Language Academy Durbe. Photos of Riga and Latvia are published with the permission of the Latvian Tourism Development Agency (www.tava.gov.lv) and may not be used without its permission.

7.5. For terms and conditions for Evening courses in mini-groups please, follow this link: http://www.durbe.edu.lv/en/language-courses-riga/about-school/terms-and-conditions

7.6. If the student has any questions regarding the program or more detailed information, he is welcome to contact the school. The school answers any fax or email within the next working day.

7.6. This agreement is governed by the laws of Latvia, and the venue for any possible legal proceeding arising due to the administration of this agreement shall be in Riga, Latvia.