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3 Tips On Choosing the Right Course!


While many students have a certain idea of the type of courses they want to apply to, others might not be sure which course is right for them with so many choices on offer. Don’t worry — our tips will give you a few ideas where to start from:

1. Do your research

What is the best way for you to learn the new material in Russian? Are you a team player or prefer to work individually? From answering this question, you can go two separate ways: either choose from the variety of different group courses or focus more on specific needs and particular language skills in individual courses (new course from 2018 – Immersion Crash Course). However, if you want to take the best from both – you can always combine group lessons in the morning with individual ones in the afternoon, for example.

2. Pick the intensity

Whether you would like to have a standard course, intensive, or something combined (Standard or Intensive + Mini Group 5/10 lessons) – RLA Durbe has everything covered! For individual studies, you can either study in Riga or learn Russian online from any place in the world via Skype. 15, 20, 30 or even 40 lessons per week – anything is possible!

3. Think outside the box

What is the first thing that comes to your mind when you think about language courses? Lessons, homework, schedule, right? Yet RLA Durbe has so much more to offer! Why not apply for the Internship program and increase your chances to get that full of exciting possibilities international career you are aiming for? Or get to a serious business and pass the Telc exams? More mature students are welcome to combine Russian Language studies with enjoying the cultural aspects that Riga and Latvia have to offer.

The choices are vast, the possibilities – limitless. Create suitable for you personally linguistic program and get the experience you will never forget!