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"My Russian has improved enormously!”

"Improve your Russian quickly" - Our student Eugenia from Italy has been studying at Russian Language Academy Durbe for about six weeks. We had a little chat about her experience of studying Russian in Riga. Q: What inspired you to study Russian in the first place? I was born in St. Petersburg, Russia, but as I grew up in Italy I didn't speak Russian. I have always felt connected to the country as well as the language and it was...
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Learn Russian Through Communication!

Hi there, this is Keshia writing, the intern at Russian Language Academy Durbe :) Almost every year I want to study a new language and continuously deepen my knowledge of the ones I already speak in. Combine this passion with my never-ending love for traveling and exploring different cultures and, thus, it is not very surprising that traveling around, living in different places and learning languages is something I really enjoy doing. I think a language exchange abroad is a great opportunity...
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Latvian Song and Dance Festival – A Lifetime Cultural Experience!

Latvian Song and Dance Festival is the greatest cultural masterpiece of Latvian people! It has become an event of national and international importance, bringing together people of different generations and nationalities, and in 2018 it promises to be especially magnificent because we will celebrate the centenary anniversary of the state of Latvia! Although it is still quite a long time before the streets and squares of Riga are filled with singers, dancers and musicians dressed in beautiful national costumes from all over Latvia, the...
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3 Tips On Choosing the Right Course!

While many students have a certain idea of the type of courses they want to apply to, others might not be sure which course is right for them with so many choices on offer. Don’t worry — our tips will give you a few ideas where to start from: 1. Do your research What is the best way for you to learn the new material in Russian? Are you a team player or prefer to work individually? From answering this question,...
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