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Online Russian

Leçons en ligne sur Skype

Course russe sur skype Apprenez le russe en ligne, où vous voulez ! Nos cours sur Skype sont un moyen très efficace d’étudier le russe et ils vous permettent d'économiser le coût d'un voyage à l’étranger. Vous pouvez définir votre propre horaire et l'intensité avec laquelle vous souhaitez étudier. Tout d’abord, vous pouvez apprendre le russe sur Skype à tout moment, n’importe où. Attendez-vous à recevoir des leçons privées avec un enseignant expérimenté et motivant. De plus, vous obtiendrez du matériel d'étude en ligne novateur. Grâce aux devoirs réguliers, le processus d'étude sera dynamique et efficace. Les cours sur Skype incluent tous...

Les meilleurs avantages que vous allez adorer


A highly rewarding experience

My 1-week course with the Academy was highly rewarding and a great opportunity to solidify my knowledge. Especially if you are interested in something more topical, a combination of a general Russian course and one of the Academy’s specialised courses is ideal. The very friendly and competent teachers will take their time to explain complicated aspects of the language and to train real-life communication skills. Moreover, the small size of learning groups and the option for individual lessons allow you to get support and challenges that are really appropriate for your level. Overall it was a great motivation to keep on learning Russian more intensely in the future. »

-Kai, Germany, September 2022

Excellent Russian Program in Riga!

Studying in a Russian language program in Riga has many advantages. For example, full immersion is one of the greatest benefits. If you force yourself to only speak Russian, you will find plenty of opportunities to practice in everyday situations. Class gives you opportunities to follow your interests in Russian studies. For instance, I enjoy researching a new word’s etymology. Additionally, it’s rewarding to use that new vocabulary in a conversation or essay.

I love listening to other students’ experiences. A Russian language program is a wonderful way to meet people from around the world too. In-class conversations on topics like ваша семья, свободное время and культура allow you to learn from your classmates while practicing Russian.

Read more about my experience here.

-Anna, USA, July 2022

Develop Russian Skills

Riga truly offers a terrific immersion experience. So many people here choose to speak Russian conversationally. There’s never been a shortage of people to talk to! Whether I am at the Central Market, a restaurant, or even the movie theater, I’m able to practice and develop my Russian skills. I enjoy engaging with the local community.

I love how much we speak in class. In class in the US, I’d done a lot of reading and writing but not as much speaking. Every day in class we have natural conversations. This helped me to develop confidence in my Russian skills. It’s also made thinking in Russian a more natural process for me.

Read more about my experience here.

-Catherine, USA, July 2022