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Challenge Russian

How to wish Good luck in Russian


Are you going to start a new experience? Or your exam is just around the corner?  We would like to wish you luck, but in Russian style!

Let’s see below 3 different ways to say ‘good luck’ in Russian!

The most common way to wish Good luck in Russian

1)  The most common way to wish good luck for Russians is: Удачи! [udachi]

The word удачА means luck. Russians usually say simply ‘’ Удачи’’. This word comes from a longer sentence: Желаю тебе удачи. (I wish you luck).

This is the reason why we modify the word ‘’удача’’!

In order to answer properly, you just need to thank them saying: ‘’спасибо’’! [spaciba]

Say Good luck in Russian as a Language Pro!

2)A more informal way is ‘’не пуха, не пера!’’ [Ni pukha, ni pira!] Literally: ‘neither fluff nor feather’.

Do not forget! This second way to wish good luck in Russian is mostly used in specific contexts. For example, you can say it to your friend before an important exam or work presentation.

 The best translation in English is ”Break a leg”! This saying comes from superstition. In fact, it derives from a famous saying among hunters. In a hunters’ environment you couldn’t directly wish ”Good luck”, they considered it as a misfortune. Therefore, haunters used to say ‘’не пуха, не пера!’’ to wish good luck! For them пух meant animal and перо meant bird. This is the reason why this saying is so popular!

Show your Russian proficiency by replying: К чёрту! [k chortu] (Go to hell!). Everyone will be amazed by your Russian skills!

An old-fashion way to say it!

3) Here’s the rarest way : ‘’Бог в помощь!’’ [bog v pamoch]   (God help you!).

 This way of wishing luck is a bit old-fashion and it’s used mostly by religious or elderly people. Young people don’t used anymore this sentence!

Now you are ready for any occasion! Let us know your favorite way to say good luck in your language!