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Put Yourself On the Map With an International Summer Internship!


Do you know that in many cases, experience counts more than qualifications in today’s society?

An Internship at Russian Language Academy Durbe provides a great opportunity to gain invaluable work experience during your college break or summer vacation. Distinguish yourself from your peers! Learn real-world skills, gain Russian language proficiency, and immerse yourself in Russian and Latvian cultures to help make your resumé really stand out.

Take your Russian language and professional skills to a whole new level by applying for a minimum of 4-week long Russian language courses prior to starting your internship.

With Riga being the biggest city in the Baltics, it perfectly blends timeless traditions, history, and modernity. Living and interning in Riga will be memorable and hugely rewarding. Explore the rich heritage of the Latvian capital and other cities, and encounter unforgettable cultural moments!

Check this positive video of our two interns from Italy challenging their acting skills!

More detailed information on the internship offered here.

Currently, we have an open spot for an intern in the marketing and administration field!
Be the one to join our team!


Sign up today for your internship in Riga! Take the first step towards a Russian language-focused international working experience!