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Book a Russian course for beginners!


Join one of our Russian language courses for beginners starting on 27 August, 10 and 24 September and start speaking Russian from the very moment you step into the classroom!

During your course, the teachers will use the communicative approach – the most effective teaching method in order to start speaking Russian immediately. It is based on constant interaction and aims to boost your self-confidence and to greatly develop your reading, writing, listening and speaking skills.

As a beginner, you will start building basic grammar skills and increase your vocabulary through dialogues, pair and small group work. You will quickly be able to take part in classroom activities and talk about your everyday life, express your feelings and opinions about various topics. Get ready to be surrounded by the Russian language only, because your teachers are native speakers of Russian and do not resort to translation. We assure you that after only two weeks, you will be pleased with your results and proud of your progress!

Our Russian language course for beginners is an excellent way of getting the taste for Russian and to foster cultural openness. Today is a perfect day to apply for the course in Riga!