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Free online Russian lessons for you or your friend!



If your answer is YES to all questions above – congratulations! You’ve just found a perfect course option!

How does it work:

Start: any Monday from October 5*

Intensity: 15 or 20 lessons per week

Pay for 1 person only: 2 registration fees but 1 course price for both of you



One time registration fee: 30 + 30 EUR (one for your friend and one for yourself)

15 lessons/week: 600 EUR (for 2 of you)

20 lessons/week: 780 EUR (for 2 of you)


*The number of places for the online 1+1 offer is limited and offered upon availability.


Read the BEST TIPS to make the most of your Skype lessons!


Looking for an online individual course for yourself? Check out the discount you can get right now!

Get in touch in case of any questions or request you may have at  russian@born.edu.lv

See you online!

P.s. And also have a look at our TIPS for making the best of your Skype lessons!