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Assessment test with a joy


We can all agree that learning languages is a fascinating experience. But, as in every learning process, assessment is unavoidable! We have all been through endless grammar tests full of traps and the typical “write about your hobbies” essay for the 20th time.

Fear not! The Russian Language Academy Durbe aims at establishing a positive and relaxed environment from the very moment you step in the school and, for this reason, your first day of studies does not start with a stressing, boring test!

Your level of Russian will simply and quickly be assessed before your arrival in Riga through an informal interview over the phone. A few minutes of conversation with one of our highly-qualified and friendly teachers will be enough for them to determine your language proficiency and assign you to a group that corresponds to your level. Thus, you will start learning straight away and won’t waste time writing a test upon your arrival.

For a more complete assessment of your language skills and if you wish to check your knowledge, you also have the option to take our online grammar test.
In the meantime, allow yourself some time for training. Here is a little warm-up!

  1. Сегодня … нет свободного времен
    a. я
    b. у меня
    c. мне
  2. Моя подруга серьёзно занимается …
    a. физике
    b. физикой
    c. физика
  3. Если Анна хорошо сдаст экзамены, …
    a. она поступает в университет
    b. она поступила в университет
    c. она поступит в университет


The Russian Language Academy Durbe strives to offer a stressless learning environment to all students and to allow them to make the best of their time in Riga.