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Executive kursi

Individuālās nodarbības 15 - 40

Emer, IRELAND: „I found the standard of teaching very good. I have had one-on-one classes, which was very helpful for me as a beginner”. Kurss paredzēts izglītojamajiem, kam nepieciešams straujš zināšanu progress vai tiem, kas vēlas koncentrēties uz noteiktiem valodas aspektiem. Jums būs individuāla kursa programma, pamatojoties uz Jūsu krievu valodas zināšanām,  vēlmēm,  profesionālajām interesēm un nepieciešamībai, kā arī izvēlētajam nodarbību skaitam. Visas individuālās nodarbības ietver sevī vajadzību analīzi. Papildu ikvienai grupas programmai, Jūs varat izvēlēties vienu no mūsu Valodu Plus moduļu kursiem: Biznesa krievu valodu, Krievu mūziku, Krievu literatūru, Standarta individuālās nodarbības, TRKI un Telc eksāmena sagatavošanos. 2018.  gadā tiek piedāvāti sekojoši varianti individuālajām nodarbībām: Individuālās nodarbības...

Pasniedzēju pilnveides kursi

Kurss paredzēts pamatskolu, vidusskolu, arodskolu, koledžu, universitāšu un valodu centru pasniedzējiem, neatkarīgi no tā, vai krievu valoda ir dzimtā valoda. Vēlams, lai dalībnieku krievu valodas CEF līmenis ir vismaz B2+, B2 vai B1+ (minimums B1). Hana, a teacher from the Czech Republic: "Latvia is one of the few European countries, where at Durbe Russian Language Academy it is possible to study through Erasmus+ funded courses for teacher’s development. As a teacher of Russian language, I loved the communication skills practice, the structure of lessons and the variety of useful links and facts provided about the methods of teaching Russian as a...

Immersion Intensīvais Kurss 30 - 55

If you have just a week for your Russian language course including weekends and welcome challenges, are highly motivated, hard-working and interested in intensive study process with strong, rapid progress in a short time – consider our new Russian language Immersion course! Taking into consideration a high intensity of the course with up to 55 individual lessons per week, together with the school you will compose the most advantageous individual study schedule in order to ensure evenly split intensity of the study process. You have a privileged possibility to choose lessons to be taken on the weekend or even public holidays thus requiring just...

Militārā krievu valoda

"Russian for Military" is a new course that was developed as a result of an increased demand for effective military communication in Russian. This course is both stimulating and wide-ranging in its content - focusing specifically on meeting the language and communication needs of military personnel (cadets, sergeants, military officers, diplomatic staff, civil servants, government employees etc). The school has developed a special 5 module course - taught on an Individual or Closed Group basis that is designed to provide you with confidence in your ability to convey messages in Russian, to broaden vocabulary for discussing military and peacekeeping issues and enable military persons...

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Feedback Corner

Ian, USA

The school provided me with an excellent Russian learning program and an unforgettable experience in Riga. My gap in the Russian language improved immensely with the help of the staff and teachers. All teachers sincerely care about their students’ progress and do their best to accommodate your abilities. I was extremely impressed with the organization of the school and the preparation of faculty.

Marianne, UK

I would like to highlight the quality of the content and the fact that these classes provide you with a great opportunity to speak Russian. The RLA Durbe’s approach to teaching is both peculiar and meaningful. All the teachers resort to the communicative method which is the best way to obtain an active knowledge of the language. I was able to compare the teaching here at the RLA Durbe with the great number of language classes. I attended in my life. Certainly, I definitely recommend it!

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Paul Glenn, USA

During my long-term Russian language studies, all the teachers at RLA Durbe were extremely experienced, lessons were well thought out. The school is great, the staff is helpful & knowledgeable. The Shared Flat was great as well – everything worked, the Internet was fast and TV had Russian programs. Course itself was amazing & I can’t wait to come back sometime in 2019.