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Let’s explore Latvia

Old Riga through Marianne's eyes!
Всем привет! My name is Marianne and I am the new summer intern at the Russian Language Academy Durbe. I come from France but I study in the UK. On my first day as an intern, I took part in a walking tour offered to all the students of the Academy for them to discover Riga. If you want to find out about the most ancient part of the capital of Latvia and do not fear heat, follow our guide,...
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Your LIGO survival linguistic kit!
Are you ready for the most loved by everyone in Latvia national holiday - LIGO (summer solstice celebration)? We sure are! In fact, our marketing manager Jelena has prepared a Special Russian words for the occasion - LIGO Top 10! There is your LIGO survival linguistic kit: 1. Пиво [pívo] - beer 2. Сыр [syr] - cheese 3. Венок [venók] – wreath 4. Костер [kostjór] - bonfire 5. Шашлык [šašlýk] - skewered meat 6. Танцы [táncy] - dancing 7. Восход...
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Enjoy a perfect atmosphere of Riga to improve your Russian!
Let us share with you an interview with David – our student from sunny Malta, who talks about all the reasons why students should come to Riga to study Russian.   We at Durbe RLA are always interested in knowing why people want to speak Russian so we asked David about his choice! D: I am studying Russian mostly because I am very fond of the Russian culture, music, art and so on. It is a very interesting language, also...
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Latvian Song and Dance Festival – a lifetime cultural experience!
Latvian Song and Dance Festival is the greatest cultural masterpiece of Latvian people, and has truly withstood the test of time! It has become an event of national and international importance, bringing together people of different generations and nationalities, and in 2018 it promises to be especially magnificent because we will celebrate the centenary anniversary of the state of Latvia! Although it is still quite a long time before the streets and squares of Riga are filled with singers, dancers and musicians dressed in...
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3 tips on how to choose the right course!
While many students have a certain idea of the type of courses they want to apply to, others might not be sure which course is right for them with so many choices on offer. Don’t worry — our tips will give you a few ideas where to start from: 1. Do your research What is the best way for you to learn the new material? Are you a team player or prefer to work individually? From answering this question, you can...
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