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Rosyjski kursy główne

Kursy standardowe 20

Kurtis, USA: „I really like time spent here in Riga. I loved my teacher because she corrected my mistakes with attention and she taught patiently. I saw a great progress in speaking and reading Russian. Without the helpful staff, my experience in Riga wouldn’t have been so funny and nice”. This course covers all aspects of the language and aims to develop your communicative efficiency in the shortest possible time. During this course you will acquire all 4 language skills: reading, writing, speaking, listening and the use of grammar. Teachers will use reading or listening to stimulate discussion and writing to...

Kusy intensywne 25

Daniele, CANADA: “I was really satisfied with the pace of lessons. It was intensive enough to allow myself to progress in one week. I really like the fact that only Russian was spoken during classes, making the intensive experience even more interesting and useful”. This more intensive course is designed for the motivated student who wishes to maximize their time spent in Latvia. In addition to Standard Russian with 20 lessons per week, students will have additional 5 lessons per week on two afternoons and will master the situational language, discussions, role play and social language in order to develop and improve all the skills necessary...

Mini-Grupa 25 - 30

Mini Group course is an excellent combination of our Standard course with 5 to 10 extra lessons per week in a Mini Group class. The Mini Group class is a class of (at maximum) 5 students, where you will benefit from more individual attention from your teacher. Mini group course will help to improve your fluency in the Russian language quickly and effectively in the shortest possible time. Standard Russian course (20 lessons per week) covers all aspects of the language and aims to develop students' communicative efficiency in the shortest possible time. During this course, students will acquire all 4 language skills: reading, writing,...

Zajęcia indywidualne 15-40

Emer, IRELAND: „I found the standard of teaching very good. I have had one-on-one classes, which was very helpful for me as a beginner”. This course is designed for those students who need to make rapid progress or who wish to concentrate on particular areas of language. You will have an individual course program according to your Russian language level of knowledge, your preferences, your professional interests and needs, and the number of classes you’d like to take. All individual courses include needs analysis. In addition to any Individual course, you may take one of our Language Plus modules courses: Business Russian, Russian Music,...

Wyjazdy grupowe

The Russian Language Academy Durbe is happy to offer an exciting program for groups all year round! Come to Riga to study Russian language and have fun during amazing activities that will be interesting to any age group – they'll ensure your students won’t get bored! Upon request, groups of students age 15 + may be integrated into the classes with individual students. Dates: all year round Arrival: Saturday or Sunday Students age: school groups, adult groups. Price includes: 20 Russian language  lessons,  4 lessons per day, study materials and course certificate; 5 half day activities per week, including walking tour (see the sample below), 7...

Wieczór rosyjski

During these Russian language courses, you will be able to develop your reading, listening, speaking and writing skills, as well as to consolidate your grammar knowledge. Due to the high intensity of the learning process and individual approach of teachers, the studies in mini-groups will allow you very quickly to achieve the desired results. As a part of Durbe RLA teaching system, teachers use the communicative approach, providing the most effective language training, especially in terms of the development of communication skills. You will be able to communicate in the target language from the very first lesson and will significantly enrich...

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Feedback Corner

Ian, USA

The school provided me with an excellent Russian learning program and an unforgettable experience in Riga. My gap in the Russian language improved immensely with the help of the staff and teachers. All teachers sincerely care about their students’ progress and do their best to accommodate your abilities. I was extremely impressed with the organization of the school and the preparation of faculty.

Marianne, UK

I would like to highlight the quality of the content and the fact that these classes provide you with a great opportunity to speak Russian. The RLA Durbe’s approach to teaching is both peculiar and meaningful. All the teachers resort to the communicative method which is the best way to obtain an active knowledge of the language. I was able to compare the teaching here at the RLA Durbe with the great number of language classes. I attended in my life. Certainly, I definitely recommend it!

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Paul Glenn, USA

During my long-term Russian language studies, all the teachers at RLA Durbe were extremely experienced, lessons were well thought out. The school is great, the staff is helpful & knowledgeable. The Shared Flat was great as well – everything worked, the Internet was fast and TV had Russian programs. Course itself was amazing & I can’t wait to come back sometime in 2019.