From spicy discussions to authentic outdoor activities - Your Russian Host Family Stay


Choosing the best suitable Russian language course specifically for your needs is important. So is your accommodation during your stay in Latvia. A Russian Host Family can easily become your ideal accommodation choice while taking a Russian language course in Riga. From spicy discussions to authentic outdoor activities – anything is possible.


What’s a Host Family?

What does a typical Russian host family look like? In some cases, this term does not mean a traditional married couple with children. Selecting Russian host families, above all else, Russian Language Academy looks for someone who is sociable, likes to meet new people and can give you a warm welcome during your linguistic stay in Riga.


Choices, choices…

First things first. Russian Language Academy offers two types for your Host Family accommodation experience. Standard Host Family and an Executive HF. What’s the difference? Mainly it’s the level of comfort – a house instead of an apartment (but not always!), more spacious room :). Executive stay also offers a separate WC upon request, for example. The only rule here is to book your accommodation timely. Because Host Family is one of the most popular accommodation choices – these sell like hotcakes 🙂


Speaking about hotcakes.

Always wondered what does BB and HB stand for? BB means you have an included breakfast with your accommodation, and HB means the Host Family will take care of your breakfast as well as dinner. Evening meals is always a good choice to practise your Russian speaking skills after intensive morning classes.


Respect traditions.

Why do you choose to stay with the Host Family? Because you want a full traditional experience, right? Russian food, recipes to take home with you, joint activities, table discussions on topics of interest. Your host family is a Pandora box of information about anything Russian. So why not use it? Interested in Russian traditions – start a discussion with your host mom. Would love to understand the pearls of Russian humour or literature – ask ahead!

Choose your path…

All of our Host Families, Executive and Standard, are located in the neighbourhoods of Riga. Since Riga is not a big city, 90% of people working in the city centre live in such neighbourhoods – Imanta, Zolitude, Plavnieki, Purvciems etc. Approximate time from your Host Family to the school is 40 min and vary from the specific location.


Here a few sentences must be dedicated to Riga’s public transportation system. It is very easy to navigate. Like…very easy, we’re not kidding. You usually have at least two options to get to the city center. So in most cases it’s up to you to either choose a bus, a trolleybus, a tram, a mini-bus (you must have heard about the famous ‘marshrutka’ 🙂 ) or a train. On each stop you will find a timetable (that actually works). There is also a special app available for Android phones and Iphone, called ‘Transport in Riga’. Inside transport there are TV screens showing the path, next stop and possible transfers. As you see, it is nearly impossible to get lost in Riga.


By train, really?

Yes, a train! Many of our host families live in the neighbourhoods that are connected to the city centre by train as easily as any other public transport. Aside from a separate ticket, in most cases it is by far the fastest and easiest way to get to the school. Usually in 15, max 20 minutes you’re already at the Central Station, crossing the main street to enter the school building. During hot summer days these students go to the seaside resort city Jurmala by train after classes, with ease acting as guides for other students who have yet to experience local trains 🙂  Mere 30 minutes and you’re hopping around in the sea – what’s not to love?


Let’s be friends!

Russian Host Family is another way to keep up with the Russian language practice after the end of your course. E-mails or snail mails handwritten in Russian to your host family will surely bring back good memories of Riga and local adventures. The host families are always very grateful to receive fresh updates from the students they met. They cherish these moments as much as you do, we know that for a fact 😉


At the end of the day it’s fully up to you the kind of accommodation to choose combined with your Russian language course. May it be a Shared Flat, a Residence in the school’s building, a hotel or a Host Family – every option has its benefits and extra ‘special flavor’. Host Family will become the ideal choice for you if you wish to experience Russian daily life outside the classroom and practice the language in an informal atmosphere.


Shall we book a perfect Host Family for you? 😉