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Taste Ukrainian food in Riga


Do you know that Riga offers a lot of options to enjoy authentic Ukrainian food? Our students explored a lot of cafes and even Ukrainian bars to threat themselves with the most popular Ukrainian food and drinks while studying Russian in Riga. All locations are withing 10-15 minutes walking distance from the school. Let’s start?

There is the TOP 3 locations recommended by our students:
1. ”Borshch”  – the most traditional Ukrainian hearty dishes, like borshch, liver in a cream source and even vegan cabbage rolls. The cost of most dishes is from 4 to 6 euros. Address: Gertrudes street 6.

2. One more spot to enjoy Ukrainian food ”Milti un Gala” located in the Gastronomy Pavilion of the Riga Central Market. Get ready to taste various pancakes, cutlets, delicious dumplings and of course – vareniki. This spot offers an option to observe the food preparation process while enjoying your meal. Prices: portion of pelmeni (dumplings): 4.5 – 5 EUR, vareniki 3.5 – 5 EUR, pancakes 3.5 – 4 EUR, borshc just 2.70 EUR.

3. Authentic Ukrainian bar “Piana Vyshnia” located in the Old Town will be a great choice for those who want to have fun, meet new people and and enjoy the legendary Lviv cherry infusion cherry liqueur ”Piana Vyshnia” (Drunk cherry). Address: Šķuņu street 6.