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Let's explore Latvia

The University of many names

Have a look at the University of Latvia’s main building. It is only three minutes away from the Russian Language Academy Durbe, on the same boulevard, Raiņa bulvāris!
If you go for a walk along the canal, take a rest and have a look at the students coming in and out of the main entrance.
Did you notice? They all avoid the central stairs and take either the left or right stairs. The reason behind it? A superstition! Taking the central stairs would bring you bad luck for your exams. After graduation, you may proudly (as well as safely) take the central stairs!

Throughout its history, the University of Latvia had many names:
1. After ANNO 1919 it was named the Higher School of Latvia and in 1923, the school received its current name, the University of Latvia
2. With the beginning of the Soviet occupation in 1940 as well as from 1945 until 1958, the university was renamed as the Latvian State University.
3. Under the Nazi occupation (1942-1945) its name was the University of Riga.
4. In 1958, the university was renamed as the Pēteris Stučka Latvian State University which was its official name until 1990.

The history of the university shows that names and ideology interwine. Today, approximately 14 000 students enrol, foreign as well as exchange students alike.

Thanks to Russian language evening classes, you can perfectly combine an exchange program at the University of Latvia with learning Russian at the Russian Language Academy Durbe.