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Let's explore Latvia

Tips about Riga to remember before you study Russian in Latvia


Welcome to Riga! In order for you to get used to the city’s lifestyle, you’re encouraged to go through these essential tips.
Study Russian abroad in Riga and enjoy your linguistic vacation to the fullest.

Riga Map

You will get a map of Riga on your first day of classes. In case you’d like to know Riga’s geography before your arrival, you can find a map of Riga here. RLA Durbe can be found by the address: Raina bulvaris 31, Riga.

Public transportation

If you come to Riga by plane you can get from/to the airport with the № 22 bus or by taxi. The cost of a single journey by bus, trolleybus, minibus or tram is 1.15 EUR. Passengers can acquire a one-way ticket on public transport from the driver for 2 euros. Tickets for several trips can be bought in a Narvesen kiosk. Additionally, in case you are planning to stay in Riga for a longer period of time, it is advisable to buy monthly tickets which are valid for one month from the first registration day. For example, a monthly ticket for one specific route costs 30.00 EUR. For more information on Riga’s public transport system, please visit RigasSatiksme.

If you’re staying in certain districts of Riga, you can also reach the city center by train. Latvia’s railway system includes routes from Riga to all other major towns in the country. The Central Railway terminal is located at Stacijas Laukums/Origo Centre, right across from RLA Durbe. There are various rent-a-car services in Riga. Car rental rates are from 40 EUR per day. You can use Taxi services as well. The cost per 1 km is about 0,70 EUR: TaxifyRedCabBalticTaxi.


The national currency is the Euro. 1 Euro equals 100 cents. Dollars are not accepted as a form of payment in stores and restaurants. You can convert your currency either in banks or numerous exchange points (called “Valūtas maiņa”). The banking system is well developed. Most banks, hotels, restaurants, and shops accept Eurocard, MasterCard, Visa, JCB, Diner’s Club, and American Express.

The most popular banks in Riga, for example, are SwedbankCitadeleSEB Bank. It’s not a problem for a foreigner to open a bank account. All over Riga, there are dozens of ATM machines, even in provincial centers. The closest ATMs to the Durbe RLA are located in the Origo shopping near the academy’s building.

Theatre and Opera

The Riga Russian Drama Theatre, located in the Old Town (7 minutes away from the academy), is the oldest professional theatre in Latvia. In 2013, the theatre turned 130 years. Thanks to the artful conduction, strong actor’s ensemble, and thoughtfully created repertoire, the Riga Russian Drama Theatre is one of the best theatres in Latvia’s capital city. If you study Russian abroad in Riga, we advise you to use a chance and visit at least one performance during your stay!

The Latvian National Opera offers more than 200 performances, staging on average six new productions every season of both opera and ballet. The season runs from September to June. Tickets are quite affordable and start from 7 EUR.

Concert halls

Riga is the true capital of culture and the arts in the Baltic region. There is the widest possible repertoire for every taste, every mood and every leisure requirement offered. For information about concerts of Russian and world-known pop stars bands, visit BiļešuServiss or LiveRiga.

Mobile phones and operators

In Latvia, there are 3 main mobile phone operators such as LMT, Bite, and TELE-2. For example, in the shopping centre Origo there are branches of all these companies, as well as in tunnel B, where it is possible to buy a cheap mobile phone. All phone numbers have 8 digits that go directly after Latvia’s country code +371.


Riga is a paradise for fashionistas! You will enjoy a lot of modern and spacious shopping centers in a comfortably accessible distance from the academy and other places in the city, namely – Origo CentreGalerija Centrs, STOCKMANN, Alfa, to name a few. Each shopping centre differs from others by offering specific goods or unique shops and trademarks.

Grocery stores

For everyday needs, you are welcome to shop in Latvia’s most popular grocery stores such as Rimi or Maxima. They can be found in various shopping centers around Riga and Latvia. Rimi offers gluten-free products.

Fitness clubs

Fitness clubs closest to the RLA Durbe are Sporta Klubs Centrs on Audeju street 16 and My Fitness on Marijas street 13/8.


Latvians love nature and nature-inspired cosmetics are very popular here. Latvians may be proud of many famous and popular perfume and cosmetics manufacturers with more than 100-year history! For example, try the fragrant perfume Riga Lilac from Dzintars to experience the charm of Latvia. Or relax in a bath with bubble balls from STENDERS and explore Latvian nature through herbal creams and lotions made by Madara cosmetics.

SPA and hair salons

You will be surprised at how many hairdressing salons you will find in Riga. The prices will be an additional benefit – in Latvia, you can get a truly fabulous haircut for an average price of 20 EUR. Usually, hairdressing salons also offer cosmetologists and manicurists’ services. There are some smart barbershops, so don’t worry that your gorgeous beard will overgrow while in Riga. There is also a great range of different SPAs, such as Kolonna or ESpa.

Do hope you find tips about Riga useful! Make the best of your Russian language linguistic stay in Riga and study Russian abroad in Latvia with a pleasure!