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Practical tips how to learn Russian online


Congratulations! You have successfully started or just going to apply for your online Russian language course. Have you prepared well? Here are the best tips for online learners that will help you succeed with your Russian online lessons.

Follow some very simple, but effective rules!

  1. Make a Study Plan

Write out a weekly schedule with your study dates and times to focus only on Russian online classes with no distractions. That’s important. And add a few hours daily for homework, because you’ll have one!

  1. No Distractions

It can be a challenge! So turn off your mobile phone, loud background music and TV. A distraction-free environment encourages your thinking and helps you stay focused.

  1. Take Notes

Write down notes during your lessons. Just like in a classroom, taking notes will make it easier to remember the important things. This will also help you to prepare for your online tests.

  1. Use the Break

During your daily online Russian lessons you will have a short break. Use it well. Stretch, drink water, use the bathroom. This way you stay focused while also getting a few minutes to quiet your mind.

  1. Ask Questions – it is very very important!

Yes, online learners don’t have to stress about not passing a test or failing in front of their classmates. But it’s still important to learn well and understand everything. So ask questions as soon as you have them. Your Russian language teacher is always there to listen and to help you succeed!

  1. Be Active

If you have Individual Online Russian lessons, be active. Ask your teacher their opinions, thoughts on topics and any additional questions you might have. This study time is fully yours, so use it to the fullest. If you have a Group Online Russian Course, talk to others students as well!

  1. Stay Healthy

Our brain can only work to its fullest if our body is well, so take good care of yourself. Stay safe and healthy, eat balanced food and do some sport activities. And if you pass your weekly test with a high score, treat yourself! Keep the motivation active and the progress from online learning will come right away!

  1. And the last one!

Well…One of the best benefits to study Russian online from home with Russian Language Academy, apart from safety, is your outfit. Wear what you feel comfortable in, slippers approved :)! This way you’re staying relaxed and cosy 🙂

We wish you the best possible progress during your online Russian language lessons! And do hope to see you all in Riga one day!
With love from Riga,
Yours Russian Language Academy