This March learn Russian through movies!


Starting February 2021 Russian Language Academy offers two new great specialized Russian language programs! First – Russian via Movies, second – Russian Verbs of Motion (coming soon!). Both programs available online as well as in a real class.


Learning Russian through movies?

Yes! Individual or group lessons with incorporated Russian movies is a fun and efficient way to supplement your language training. Watch, interpret and discuss everything you see on a screen!

Under a professional guidance of Russian language teacher, movies are a great tool to quickly immerse you into the language. You will:

🔹 Become better at listening and understanding spoken Russian.
🔹 Learn relevant vocabulary – movies offer you themed words based on genre or a specific topic.
🔹 Discover a colorful world of Russian contemporary as well as historic culture and so much more!

Next group starts from March 8, 2021!  

See more about Russian via Movies module and apply HERE.

Are you as excited as we are?