Herausforderung Russischen

Excellent Russian Program in Riga!


Read up with Anna, a student from the US to find out about learning Russian in Riga. Russian language programs offer much more than just language development to its participants!


Why did you choose to study in Riga?


Firstly, I was looking for a location to study Russian in an environment where many people could speak it. Also, I wanted to visit the Baltic countries. Ultimately, Riga satisfied those requirements, and I chose to study at the BORN Russian language program.


What’s your favorite thing to do after class?


I’d say, go to museums!  I highly recommend: Museum of the Occupation Latvia, Museum of the History of Riga and Navigation, Ethnographic Open-Air Museum. Also, practice Russian! Do homework, make flashcards to learn new words, translate Russian texts, etc.


What is your favorite aspect of Russian to learn?


My favorite aspect to learn is vocabulary. I enjoy researching a new word’s etymology. It helps me to get a better grasp of its meaning. Additionally, it’s rewarding to use that new vocabulary in a conversation or essay.


What do you think the benefit of studying in Riga is for Russian language students?


Certainly, full immersion is one of the greatest benefits to studying in a Russian language program in Riga. If you force yourself to only speak Russian, you will find plenty of opportunities to practice in everyday situations.


What’s your favorite thing about class?


Well, I love listening to other students’ experiences. Russian language programs like this are a wonderful way to meet people from around the world. In-class conversations on topics like ваша семья, свободное время and культура allow you to learn from your classmates while practicing Russian.


What’s your favorite word or phrase in Russian?


“Не говори, что делал, а скажи, что сделал.” Meaning: “Don’t tell me what you have done, say what you did.” This sentence captures some of the nuance surrounding imperfective and perfective verbs in Russian. This is usually a tough concept for students, which is why studying at a Russian language program is so helpful.


-Anna, USA, July 2022