Herausforderung Russischen

Funny Feedbacks About Russian Studies


As traditions go, we here at RLA Durbe put together funny comments from students’ feedback that we’ve received throughout this year. We divided those into 2 parts: “Original out-of-the-blue answers” and replies to the question “What didn’t you like?”. Now, this should be interesting to read more about – take a look!

Paul, USA: I didn’t like that the course had to end! (ed: and that’s after 24 weeks of studies!)

Lenka, Czech Republic: What didn’t I like? – Tests 🙂

Erlend, Norway: I didn’t like that I had forgotten a lot of Russian since I last studied it.

Kristyna, Czech Republic: What didn’t you like? – Me breaking the rule ‘Russian only zone’ (ed: want to know what that means? Ask us in the comment section and we’ll let you on a secret ;))

We enjoyed these answers – they made us smile. 🙂 The positive vibe was just as much appreciated!

Richard, UK: Friendly. Helpful. Professional. (ed: Brevity is the soul of wit!)

And here are additional comments:


Emilie, Germany: I was particularly pleased with the student lounge.

Fenja, Germany: I was truly satisfied with the student lounge! (ed: there’s definitely something in the air there!)

Marcel, Switzerland: There were…are well organized people working here.

Best bonus comment hands down:

Kristyna, Czech Republic: P.s. Riga is surprisingly beautiful… I might not have expected that before 🙂 🙂 🙂


Thank you for smiling along with us in 2018 and see you very soon in 2019! Happy New Year everyone!