Your special offer for Intensive individual online Russian is here!


You have a great possibility to book Intensive Online lessons  from 15 to 20 lessons per week.

We understand, that the present situation with “Covid-19” may impact your plans to take Russian language course in Riga. Taking care of your safety and supporting your willingness to study and improve your Russian, we are happy to make a very special offer for Individual intensive online lessons. Be sure that the teaching method and results achieved with be as good as if you are in a real class with individual Russian language lessons at our school in Riga!

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SPECIAL OFFER for intensive online Russian language lessons


The exclusive discount applies for all new bookings*!

Leisure Russian (15 lessons per week)  – 25 % discount from the standard price of 600 EUR (so, the reduced price is 450 EUR/week)
Standard Russian (20 lessons per week)  – 25% discount from the standard price of 780 EUR (now only 585 EUR/week).


Study period: Start from October 5
Study length: 1 to 4 weeks. If you want to take longer study period – please contact us.
Russian language level: A1 – B1+ (complete beginners are welcome to apply!)

*The number of places for the Intensive online Russian language lessons with discount is limited and offered upon availability.



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Get in touch in case of any questions or request you may have at  pasts@durbe.edu.lv  or russian@durbe.edu.lv



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Russian online group lessons 

Book daily Semi-intensive online Russian course in a Mini-Group up to 4 students. Choose your preferred course starting date and study times!

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All you need is a computer with a microphone, camera and Skype. Ah, yes, and the internet of course!